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Immigrants Left Behind in Coronavirus Response Plans

Deportation Attorney

Help from a New York Deportation Attorney

According to immigration advocates, the New York response to the coronavirus pandemic has left out one key group. Immigrants make up 22.9 percent of the population of the state of New York. Many of these individuals work in jobs that do not allow for working remotely or avoiding contact with other people, which will likely put them at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. These workers may also be called upon to work longer hours and to provide vital assistance to those employed in key activities during the pandemic. For many of these individuals, finding the right opportunities and benefits could make a big difference in their quality of life and peace of mind during this trying time.

Few Protections for Immigrant Workers

Many immigrants work in the service industry as cooks, childcare providers, delivery drivers, house and hotel cleaners, and day laborers. These jobs provide little long-term security and typically pay relatively low wages. During the coronavirus outbreak, many of these workers will have to choose between protecting their health and earning money for their family and themselves. Worse still, they may fear repercussions if they take any form of public assistance during the course of the pandemic. In many cases, retaining the services of a New York deportation attorney will prevent many of the negative legal consequences of dealing with the current situation and maintaining a reasonable standard of living for immigrants in our area.

The Importance of a Qualified New York Immigration Attorney

Working with a New York immigration attorney can provide you with guidance on the best way to navigate the current coronavirus emergency and protect yourself and your family from issues with immigration authorities. Your New York deportation attorney will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on current immigration policies and will point you in the right direction to get the help you need now. This can help you balance your concerns about making a living and staying healthy in the current political environment.

Hiring a New York Deportation Attorney

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we have the experience and the knowledge needed to help you navigate any immigration issues you may be facing. We work with immigrants throughout the New York area to ensure that they can build a life in the United States. If you need an experienced New York immigration attorney, call our team today at 212-444-9420. We are here to serve you now and for all your future immigration needs.

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