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Deportation Attorney
Help from a New York Deportation Attorney According to immigration advocates, the New York response to the coronavirus pandemic has left out one key group. Immigrants make up 22.9 percent of the population of the state of New York. Many of these individuals work in jobs that do not allow for working remotely or avoiding...
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Qualified New York Immigration Attorney
Hiring a Qualified New York Immigration Attorney Working with a New York immigration attorney can help families to deal with a wide range of issues that involve visas, immigration status, problems with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and citizenship applications. Understanding the role of the immigration attorney in helping you resolve your issues can help...
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Manhattan Immigration
Getting a Green Card with the Help of a Manhattan Immigration Lawyer If you or any member of your family needs a green card to enter or remain in the United States legally, working with a qualified and experienced New York immigration attorney is usually the best strategy for achieving this goal. Understanding the steps...
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Hiring an Immigration Attorney
Hiring an Immigration Attorney for Your Immigration Needs For many families, hiring an immigration attorney is a major step that requires careful consideration. There are many good reasons to retain the services of a New York immigration attorney. Knowing when to call on the legal professionals can help you and your family to deal with...
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Immigrants in New York
Legal Help for Immigrants in New York A study conducted by WalletHub shows the impact that immigrants in New York have had on the economy of the city and state. According to the research performed by WalletHub, New York ranks first in economic benefits from immigrant workers and entrepreneurs. This status is the result of...
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Public Charge Rule
Changes to the Public Charge Rule With recent changes to the public charge rule put in place by the Trump administration, many immigrant families may find themselves with fewer options for maintaining their immigration status or for obtaining the services and benefits needed to stay healthy and to pursue their dreams in the United States....
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Trusted Traveler Programs
Benefits of the Trusted Traveler Programs A leaked memo indicates that New York residents will no longer be eligible to participate in the Trusted Traveler Programs put in place by the Department of Homeland Security. This action comes in response to the implementation of New York’s Green Light Law, which prevents the New York Department...
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Nigerian Immigrants
Legal Solutions for Nigerian Immigrants Nigerian immigrants may face greater obstacles in entering the United States because of new restrictions placed by the Trump administration on immigration from Nigeria and five other countries. New restrictions were announced on January 31, 2020, that will suspend the issuance of immigrant visas from Nigeria, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and Eritrea....
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New York Immigration Rights
Defending Your New York Immigration Rights A new initiative on the part of New York City officials is intended to allow immigrants to vote on the issues that affect them and for the candidates they choose. While undocumented immigrants will still not have the right to vote, New York City is seeking to expand the...
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New York Immigration Subpoenas
Have You Or Loved Ones Received New York Immigration Subpoenas? A recent move by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will put added pressure on New York City and its status as a sanctuary city. ICE issued four subpoenas to the city seeking information about immigrants currently in custody and sought by the agency for deportation....
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