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immigration visa denial
Navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration law can be daunting, especially when you encounter setbacks like a visa denial. At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., a seasoned New York immigration law firm, we understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with this news. However, it’s important to know that a denial does not mark the end...
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'Right to Shelter' in New York
In the heart of New York City, a unique and humanitarian mandate known as the ‘Right to Shelter’ has long stood as a testament to the city’s commitment to protecting its most vulnerable residents. This mandate ensures that no individual in need is denied emergency housing, distinguishing New York as a sanctuary within the vast...
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U.S. Visa Renewal Shift: In-Country Renewals Possible
If you are an individual on a visa like the H-1B, you may be familiar with the stressful process of renewing your visa. The good news is that the Department of State (DOS) is exploring whether to resume its old policy of domestic renewals of nonimmigrant employment visas. A pilot program is currently underway that...
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Navigating EB-1 Visa Advances for China and India
The global talent mobility landscape is constantly evolving, with the United States emerging as a key destination for individuals with extraordinary abilities across various fields. The EB-1 visa for China and India, in particular, has seen recent updates that are significantly impacting businesses looking to sponsor high-skilled employees from these countries. These changes in the...
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The 2023 H-1B and F-1 Visa Reforms are pivotal changes in the U.S. immigration system, impacting businesses and international students alike. These reforms, aimed at modernizing and streamlining the visa processes associated with H-1B and F-1, underscore the United States’ commitment to attracting global talent and ensuring a fair, efficient, and transparent immigration framework. This...
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New York Visitor Visa
Navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration law can be a daunting task. However, understanding the basics of specific visas such as the B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa can greatly simplify this process. For anyone seeking expert guidance in this arena, the New York immigration law firm of Oltarsh & Associates, P.C. stands as a beacon of knowledge...
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Reopening of US-Mexico Border & Business Visa Opportunities
The recent reopening of the U.S.-Mexico border marks a pivotal moment for business immigration and work visas. This development, driven by successful immigration enforcement and a decline in illegal border crossings, opens a realm of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Oltarsh & Associates is a top immigration law firm in New York that helps...
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Understanding the Latest USCIS Updates in 2024
The year 2024 brought significant updates from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State, impacting various aspects of the immigration process. Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., a premier immigration law firm, stands at the forefront to guide you through these changes. We’re committed to simplifying these USCIS 2024 updates for individuals...
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New York O-1 visa lawyer
Insights from Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., Your New York Immigration Lawyer Navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration law can be a daunting task, especially for those seeking the prestigious O-1 visa. As a distinguished New York immigration law firm, Oltarsh & Associates, P.C. has garnered extensive experience in handling such intricate cases. This blog aims...
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Visa Bulletin January 2024
The journey to U.S. permanent residency is a significant milestone for many individuals and families. The January 2024 Visa Bulletin, released by the U.S. Department of State, is a crucial piece of the puzzle that can bring you closer to achieving this dream. At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we recognize that understanding the complexities of...
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