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immigration detentions
Some New York immigrants are detained while they wait for their deportation cases to be heard by the immigration court. Since the immigration court system has a significant backlog of cases, many people wait for months or years for their cases to be heard. While some immigration judges grant bonds to detained immigrants who do...
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New York asylum seekers
Help for New York Asylum Seekers A pandemic-era immigration rule, Title 42, is set to end on May 23, 2022, unless a judge issues a stay before then. This rule dates from the former Trump administration and allows immigration officials to summarily deport migrants without due process. Under this rule, the Department of Homeland Security...
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New York immigration case
Help With Your New York immigration Case If you have a New York immigration case that has been pending in the immigration court for a long time, you might be interested in learning about the latest effort from the Biden Administration to clear the backlog in the court dockets. Currently, undocumented immigrants who entered the...
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Ukraine Refugees
Legal Help for Ukraine Refugees The brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has resulted in more than one million refugees fleeing the country into bordering nations. As more Ukrainians continue to flee, the West, including the United States, is preparing to absorb a large influx of Ukraine refugees. On March 3, Department of Homeland...
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New York Green Card
Need Help Getting a New York Green Card? Each year in the U.S., an average of 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are available for eligible foreign nationals and their immediate family members who want to immigrate to the country based on their education and skills. To qualify for an employment-based immigration visa, you must meet the...
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In New York and across the U.S., businesses are struggling to fill their open positions because of a labor shortage. Even though the unemployment rate is at record lows, there are many companies with open positions that they cannot fill. Recently, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called for increased immigration and a permanent solution for...
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NY Deportation Lawyer
Help from a NY Deportation Lawyer Threats to report undocumented immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement are serious and could potentially threaten people’s welfare and lives when they have come to New York from countries in which they were in danger. Unfortunately, these types of threats are fairly common and are used by unscrupulous landlords,...
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Veteran deportation lawyer
Help From a Veteran Deportation Lawyer Many New Yorkers believe that noncitizens who are military veterans automatically are granted U.S. citizenship. However, that is not the case. Citizenship is not automatically conferred, and foreign-born military service members and veterans who are green card holders must go through the naturalization process before they will be granted...
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New York waiver attorney
Professional Help from a New York Waiver Attorney When some people apply to immigrate to the U.S., some might be found to be inadmissible by the immigration authorities. There are several grounds of inadmissibility that can bar you from entering the U.S., immigrating, or returning if you leave. However, if you are found to be...
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New York deportation lawyer
Receiving a notice to appear for removal proceedings is frightening for immigrants who live in New York. When people are facing the possibility of deportation from the U.S., they might believe their situations are hopeless and believe that they will be removed if they do not voluntarily leave. However, it is possible to defend against...
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