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Immigration News

Veteran deportation lawyer
Help From a Veteran Deportation Lawyer Many New Yorkers believe that noncitizens who are military veterans automatically are granted U.S. citizenship. However, that is not the case. Citizenship is not automatically conferred, and foreign-born military service members and veterans who are green card holders must go through the naturalization process before they will be granted...
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New York waiver attorney
Professional Help from a New York Waiver Attorney When some people apply to immigrate to the U.S., some might be found to be inadmissible by the immigration authorities. There are several grounds of inadmissibility that can bar you from entering the U.S., immigrating, or returning if you leave. However, if you are found to be...
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New York deportation lawyer
Receiving a notice to appear for removal proceedings is frightening for immigrants who live in New York. When people are facing the possibility of deportation from the U.S., they might believe their situations are hopeless and believe that they will be removed if they do not voluntarily leave. However, it is possible to defend against...
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New York DACA Lawyer
Nearly 2 million children were brought into the U.S. by their parents unlawfully before 2012. Despite growing up in the U.S. and considering the country to be their home, many of the people brought into the U.S. unlawfully through no fault of their own still face risks of deportation and removal. Recognizing that undocumented people...
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New York work permit
Undocumented immigrants in New York might be eligible for U visas and work permits when they have been the victims of certain types of crimes. A U visa is a special type of nonimmigrant visa that might be granted to a crime victim who reports what happened to him or her and cooperates with the...
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