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Corona, North Corona Among Hardest-Hit in Coronavirus Crisis

NY Immigration Services

NY Immigration Services

In an ironic twist, the zip code that includes Corona and North Corona in the borough of Queens in New York City has been hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 30, 2020, 947 positive tests for coronavirus had been reported in this relatively small geographical area. Zip code 11368 is home to the highest percentage of immigrant residents as well, which has created a situation in which underinsured or uninsured individuals and families have been left with little or no recourse during the COVID-19 outbreak. For many people, finding the right NY immigration services could make the difference in containing the pandemic and protecting families against the potentially devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Close Quarters and Coronavirus Fears

Many of the immigrants living in the Corona, North Corona and Willets Point area in New York City have large families and extended family members living with them. This has made it much more difficult to manage sheltering in place and to protect family members against the spread of COVID-19. For many of the most vulnerable individuals within this community, seeking out legal help and other NY immigration services will provide added assistance and greater peace of mind for immigrants in our area and throughout the city and state of New York.

The Value of a New York Immigration Attorney

Retaining the professional services of a New York immigration attorney is often the best first step toward dealing with restrictions on receiving medical care and other services in our area. Your lawyer will help you to manage any issues with visas, citizenship procedures and other matters that may be a source of concern for you or your family. By discussing your issues with a qualified and knowledgeable attorney, you can ensure that these problems are resolved and that you and your family are protected legally during and after the coronavirus outbreak.

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we specialize in providing the right immigration counsel and representation for our clients in New York City and the surrounding areas. We work with families to provide expert assistance in a wide range of areas, which include obtaining green cards, applying for citizenship and managing issues with healthcare needs during the current crisis. If you need the help of a qualified New York immigration attorney, give our office a call today at 212-944-9420 to set up your free initial consultation. Our team is ready to serve you.

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