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How Do I Get a Green Card?

Manhattan Immigration

Getting a Green Card with the Help of a Manhattan Immigration Lawyer

If you or any member of your family needs a green card to enter or remain in the United States legally, working with a qualified and experienced New York immigration attorney is usually the best strategy for achieving this goal. Understanding the steps in the green card process can ensure that you make the right moves when navigating this immigration activity. An established Manhattan immigration lawyer is often your best resource for information and assistance in obtaining a green card in our area. Your first step should be to determine which type of green card visa is right for you.

Types of Green Cards

While the work-based green card is probably the best known of these visas, you may also be qualified for a green card if you have family members in the United States who hold green cards or U.S. citizenship, if you qualify for temporary protected status under asylum regulations or if you are selected as a recipient of a Diversity Immigrant Visa.

  • Work visas must typically be applied for by your prospective employer and may allow you to bring members of your immediate family to the United States for the duration of your employment and beyond. In some cases, a qualified New York immigration attorney will provide the added support you need to navigate this process successfully.
  • Applications for family-related visas, temporary protected status and Diversity Immigration Visas can often be streamlined by working with an attorney who specializes in immigration processes. Because you and your family will be responsible for filing the paperwork and navigating the process of applications for these types of visas, it is essential to enlist the right help to achieve your goals and to promote the best outcomes for yourself and your family.

Choosing the right New York immigration attorney can make a big difference in the degree of success you achieve for your visa applications.

How Do I Get a Green Card?

The most practical way to obtain a green card is to go through all the steps necessary to apply for these visas. The first step is usually to file Form I-485, the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You will then need to attend an interview with USCIS after the agency has reviewed your application. Your green card will typically be valid for 10 years.

Hiring a Manhattan Immigration Lawyer

If you need the assistance of a qualified Manhattan immigration lawyer, Oltarsh & Associates, P.C. can help with practical support and representation for your case. Give our team a call today at 212-944-9420 to schedule a free initial case evaluation with our attorneys. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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