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Biden Repeals the Muslim Travel Ban

Muslim Travel Ban

One of the most important elements of President Joe Biden’s immigration plan is his repeal of the Muslim travel ban, a policy enacted by former President Trump to prevent individuals from certain countries from obtaining visas to enter the United States. The executive order that prevented entry to the United States by foreign nationals from certain Muslim countries was signed by former President Donald Trump on January 27, 2017, and went into effect on the next day. This discriminatory order has prevented many individuals from rejoining family members in the United States and has created hardships for others who were seeking to make their homes in this country.

Overturning the Muslim Travel Ban

President Biden’s executive order essentially reverses the stance taken by immigration officials throughout the Trump administration. It will also allow many immigrants and refugees to enter the United States legally and to begin their new lives in New York and other states. Statistics indicate that as many as 42,000 people may have been prevented from entering the United States because of former President Trump’s executive order instituting the Muslim travel ban. With President Biden’s decision to lift the ban, these people can once again apply for visas to enter the United States legally.

Correcting the Moral Blight

President Joe Biden stated in his executive order that the Muslim travel ban represented a “moral blight that has dulled the power of our example.” The human cost of the ban cannot be measured in statistical terms, however. Many of the people who have been prevented from traveling to and from predominantly Muslim countries have lost valuable time with their families and, in some cases, have missed their last chance to see family members forever.

The Right Legal Help Is Essential

For many immigrants, working with a knowledgeable New York immigration lawyer can provide valuable help with managing issues related to the travel ban and in correcting their immigration status effectively. Your New York immigration lawyer will work with you to find the right approach for your specific set of needs.

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