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Immigration Backlog Could Mean More Delays in Reuniting Families

immigration backlog

President Joe Biden has already taken some steps to protect the rights of immigrants in the United States. Those seeking to live and work in this country legally, however, are facing an immigration backlog of about 380,000 cases that will likely take years to complete. This has put the futures of many immigrants into a holding pattern while they wait for their turn in line for the immigration process. For many of these individuals and families, retaining the services of an experienced New York immigration lawyer is a good first step toward obtaining a green card and the right to live and work legally in the United States.

Pandemic and Trump Administration Policies to Blame

Much of the current backlog can be attributed to the policies put in place by the previous administration. By slowing down the processing of visas during the first few years of the Trump presidency, an immigration backlog was created. That backlog only became worse when the pandemic hit and the Trump administration suspended nearly all legal immigration in April 2020. This measure was purportedly put in place to prevent U.S. citizens from losing jobs to immigrants. In effect, however, the result of this action was to keep families apart and to create an immigration backlog that could potentially take years to resolve.

Finding the Right Legal Representation

For immigrants in our area, working with a New York immigration lawyer can provide the necessary help to navigate the process of obtaining a green card or achieving citizenship in the United States. Your attorney can provide you with assistance in filling out paperwork, resolving problems with documentation and in making your case to immigration officials in the New York area. This can allow faster processing and a streamlined approach to the green card and citizenship application paperwork. Your New York immigration lawyer can help you to achieve the fastest results for yourself and your family in securing your place as a legal immigrant and citizen of this country.

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., our team is committed to helping you to manage your immigration issues effectively and quickly. We work with you to provide valuable legal assistance in obtaining green cards, dealing with the threat of deportation and reuniting families in the United States. To schedule your free initial consultation with our team, give us a call today at 212-944-9420. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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