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Understanding the K-1 Visa Application Process

New York k-1 visa lawyer

Help From a New York k-1 Visa Lawyer

A K-1 visa is also referred to as a fiancé visa because it is primarily used to allow individuals to enter the U.S. for purposes of marriage to a current United States citizen. Working with a qualified and knowledgeable New York K-1 visa lawyer is generally the best course of action when managing these visa applications. Understanding the process required to obtain a K-1 visa can help you and your prospective spouse to navigate the immigration process more successfully.

Initial Requirements for K-1 Visa Applications

You must meet a few specific requirements before applying for a K-1 visa with the help of your New York immigration lawyer. U.S. immigration regulations require that you and your fiancé or fiancée must have met in person within the past two years to qualify for a K-1 visa. Exceptions may sometimes be available for cases where religious beliefs are involved or when the travel required would present an undue burden on the U.S. citizen.

The Application Process

Your New York K-1 visa lawyer will generally work with you throughout the application process. After ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements for applying, your New York immigration lawyer will assist you in filing an I-129F form with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This form, also known as the Petition for Alien Fiancé, must be filed by the U.S. citizen and must be accompanied by a birth certificate or passport, personal statements by you and your fiancé regarding your relationship, and an assortment of other paperwork required to document your relationship and your eligibility for these visa arrangements. You will also be required to pay a sizable fee in conjunction with your K-1 visa application.

Hiring a New York k-1 Visa Lawyer

While you are performing these tasks in the U.S., your prospective spouse will need to apply to the U.S. Embassy or the Consulate in his or her home country to provide documentation and to take part in an interview with immigration officials. Many of the steps required during this process mirror those required of U.S. citizens during this process.

If you need the help of a qualified New York immigration lawyer, the offices of Oltarsh & Associates can provide you with the expert help needed to navigate the K-1 visa application process successfully. We can deliver the most practical options for your visa requirements in the New York area. Give us a call today at 212-944-9420 to schedule a free case evaluation with our legal team. We are here to serve you.

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