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New York’s Excluded Workers Fund Offers Hope and Help for Undocumented Immigrants

excluded workers fund

One of the latest efforts on the part of New York lawmakers to provide much-needed protections for undocumented immigrants is the establishment of an excluded workers fund. This fund will provide $2.1 billion in assistance for workers who were not eligible for unemployment benefits after losing their employment during the pandemic. The new fund will be part of the $212 billion state budget and will provide material help for immigrants and others who may not have received stimulus checks or other assistance in dealing with the pandemic.

Help for Those Who Need It Most

Despite the fact that many immigrants pay taxes and contribute to the economy, undocumented immigrants typically are not eligible for economic stimulus payments or traditional unemployment benefits. The excluded workers fund will close some of the financial gap for these individuals and will allow them to manage the monetary squeeze that has hit many immigrants and part-time workers during the pandemic. By delivering much-needed funds to those who have been left out of the national stimulus payments and state unemployment benefits, the excluded workers fund will help to shore up finances for many families and will provide added help for those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Correcting Your Immigration Status

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