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The Public Charge Rule Could Have Long-Term Negative Results for the United States

Public Charge Rule

Changes to the Public Charge Rule

With recent changes to the public charge rule put in place by the Trump administration, many immigrant families may find themselves with fewer options for maintaining their immigration status or for obtaining the services and benefits needed to stay healthy and to pursue their dreams in the United States. The changes link eligibility for green cards and citizenship to the use of public benefits like Medicaid, subsidized health care under the Affordable Care Act, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Participating in any of these programs could render immigrants and their family members ineligible to receive a green card or to qualify for citizenship in the United States.

Creating Issues That Could Last for Generations

While the stated purpose of the changes made to the public charge rule is to prevent immigrants from becoming a financial drain on society, the long-term effects of these changes will likely be felt by immigrants and their families. Failing to seek medical help for children and adults alike will have an impact not only on their immediate well-being but also their long-term health. Many medical experts have warned of the potential negative effects of failing to treat diabetes, receive vaccinations and undergo regular checkups. By reducing the availability of health care options for immigrants, the new immigration rules will also put the health of U.S. citizens at risk.

Working With a Qualified New York Immigration Lawyer

Touching base with a New York immigration lawyer can often help you and your family to stay within the guidelines set forth by immigration officials in the United States. Your attorney will work with you to help you maintain eligibility for green cards, citizenship and other immigration options to allow you to work, study and live in the United States. The right legal help will make a big difference in your ability to stay on the right side of immigration authorities in the current political environment.

If you need the services of a qualified New York immigration lawyer, the team at Oltarsh & Associates can provide you with help in navigating the immigration process and resolving issues with federal agencies. We work with families throughout the New York area to ensure the best outcomes for their immigration cases. To learn more about our lineup of immigration services, give us a call today at 212-944-9420. We are here to serve your legal needs now and in the future.

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