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New York City Considers Voting Rights for Immigrants

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Under current law, immigrants who have work permits and those who have lawful permanent residency status in New York City cannot legally vote in municipal elections. A bill introduced on January 23, 2020, however, is intended to provide a process for these immigrants to vote in local elections. This will allow these essential contributors to the New York economy to participate in the election system and to have a real say on the issues that affect them most. If the bill passes, it will add almost one million new voters to the rolls. This will provide immigrants with a way to express their own opinions and to have a voice in the decisions made for the city of New York.

A Welcome Change for Immigrants in New York

San Francisco and a few other municipalities have instituted voting rights for immigrants in good standing. New York, however, has not yet made arrangements for a process that would allow the more than 900,000 immigrants within the metropolitan area to participate in municipal elections. The bill, if passed, will increase the involvement of immigrants in civic affairs and will ensure that municipal government represents all the people it serves, not just those who are currently citizens of the United States.

Why You Need a New York Immigration Lawyer

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable NY immigration lawyer will allow you to deal with a wide range of issues that can affect your ability to remain in the United States legally. Your NY immigration lawyer will work with you to ensure that you can navigate the visa and citizenship applications processes. This legal professional can deal with any deportation or detention threats to you and your family that may arise with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other federal immigration authorities. Your attorney can provide you with added peace of mind about your immigration status and your ability to live and work in the United States.

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