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New Restrictions Could Reduce Employment Options for Immigrants with H-4 Visas

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it plans to publish a new rule in March 2020 that will prevent spouses of H-1B visa holders from working in the United States. Historically, the spouses of these skilled workers have been able to seek employment during their stay in the U.S. under an H-4 visa. Eliminating this option for families of H-1B workers is expected to create financial issues for many families who have found employment opportunities thanks to these visas. For those seeking a New York work visa, finding the right legal support is more important now than ever.

A Pattern of Harassment and Hostility

The proposed change to the current immigration rules is just the latest in a series of moves by the Trump administration intended to make things more difficult for undocumented and legal immigrants alike. For those affected by these changes, seeking the help of a New York immigration lawyer is a good first step toward resolving these issues and ensuring the best possible outcomes for immigrants in our area.

How Your New York Immigration Lawyer Can Help

If you are seeking assistance in obtaining a New York work visa for yourself, your spouse, or any other member of your family, finding the right attorney is a critical first step in managing this process successfully. A qualified and experienced New York immigration lawyer can be your best ally in negotiating the immigration process and avoiding issues with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Your attorney can provide you with help in completing your application for a New York work visa, which will often allow you to enjoy a greater chance of success when dealing with these issues in the immigration court system.

Hiring a New York Work Visa Lawyer

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we offer the most comprehensive and practical options for your work visas and other immigration needs. Our team of legal experts can provide you with the best representation and options for dealing with potential deportation, visas, waivers, and citizenship applications. Give us a call today at 212-944-9420 to schedule your free case evaluation in our New York office. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family now and in the future.

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