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ICE Makes 31 Arrests Within Five Days in May

New York Ice Arrest Lawyer

Help from a New York Ice Arrest Lawyer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently announced that the agency had made 31 arrests in the New York City area during the five-day period between May 19 and May 23, 2019. The ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations team made the arrests, which primarily focused on immigrants who were currently facing charges or had already been convicted of crimes in the U.S. Most of those arrested and detained by ICE are likely to be deported in the near future. For those worried about their status in our area, consulting with a New York immigration attorney is the most practical way to resolve issues with ICE and other federal agencies.

What to Do After a New York ICE Arrest

If one of your family members or friends has been taken into custody by ICE, it is essential to obtain the services of a New York immigration attorney as quickly as possible to ensure that the detainee has the best possible representation for his or her case. After a New York ICE arrest, your friend or family member may be held in a local jail, a correctional facility, or an ICE-operated detention facility. Your attorney will be able to obtain detailed information on the whereabouts of the individual and the charges on which he or she was detained.

ICE Can Move Quickly

Deportation can sometimes occur within just a few days or hours of the initial New York ICE arrest. This usually only occurs when a removal order is already outstanding for the individual in question. Detainees are also subject to transfer to or from ICE facilities without advance warning, which can create further issues for attorneys in providing effective representations for their clients in the current legal environment.

Services Offered by Your New York Immigration Attorney

Your New York immigration lawyer can provide you with expert help in determining the best approach for resolving visa issues, dealing with ICE detentions and achieving the best possible outcomes for you, your family and your friends. By working with an attorney who specializes in immigration law, you can reduce your risk of detention and deportation to help you feel more confident and secure during your daily activities.

Hiring a Qualified New York Ice Arrest Lawyer

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we offer the most practical solutions for you and your family in dealing with all sorts of immigration issues. We handle visa issues, naturalization proceedings and deportation hearings to help you remain legally and safely in the U.S. Call us today at 212-944-9420 to schedule a free case evaluation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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