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Frequently Asked Questions About the Current Immigration Ban

immigration ban

The recent immigration ban put in place by President Donald Trump has created concerns among the immigrant community regarding the status of their visa applications. Understanding the basics of this 60-day ban on immigration will help to provide families in our area with greater peace of mind about this new development. This is essential for those already dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and working to correct their immigration status or to come to the United States legally. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the new immigration ban.

Who does the ban on immigration affect?

The 60-day ban does not apply to any immigrants already in the United States and awaiting a decision on their visa applications. It only applies to certain type of green card applications from outside the United States, including investor green card applications, family-based applications by parents, spouses and unmarried children of U.S. citizens and most employment-based visas.

Are student visas affected by the ban?

Student visas and nonimmigrant visas are not part of the ban on immigration. This means that visitors to the United States for business or pleasure, international students and temporary workers will not be affected by this new policy.

Can green card holders travel abroad and be allowed to return home to the United States?

The ban on immigration will not prevent immigrants who hold a valid green card from returning to the United States after traveling abroad.

Should immigrants abroad begin the green card application process?

The ban on immigration will last for 60 days. Contacting a New York immigration attorney now can give immigrants a head start on the process of acquiring a green card when the ban is over. Additionally, court challenges may reduce the duration of this ban to allow even faster processing for your green card.

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