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President Biden to Work With Mexican President to Address Immigration Issues

Central American Migrants

As President Joe Biden works to undo some of the damage caused to the U.S. government generally and to immigration policies specifically, he may be seeking help from an unexpected source. According to sources within the White House, President Biden contacted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on March 1, 2021, seeking his help and support in managing immigration issues at the United States-Mexico border. President López Obrador appeared to be open to the idea of cooperation with President Biden in moving forward from some of the catastrophic policies that were put in place by President Trump over the past four years.

Preventing an Overload of Central American Migrants

Economic and political conditions have led to a significant increase in Central American migrants attempting to seek refuge in the United States over the past few years. President Biden’s discussions with President López Obrador of Mexico are expected to focus on reducing the number of refugees seeking asylum and to promote a more effective method for dealing with these situations in a humane and organized manner. Cooperation between Mexico and the United States could also lead to added help for those fleeing dangerous or untenable conditions in their home countries in Central America.

Representing Immigrants and Their Families

Working with a qualified New York immigration lawyer is often the best pathway to a new home in the United States for migrants from Central America and from other areas of the world. Your attorney can help you with paperwork and other required documentation to ensure that you have the best possible chance of remaining legally in the United States. Your New York immigration lawyer can also provide help in applying for green cards, managing citizenship applications and many other aspects of immigration in the United States. This can help you and your family to navigate the legal system more effectively to stay safe and legal in New York.

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