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How ICE Targets Immigrants in New York City

NYC ICE Arrest

Help from an NYC ICE Arrest Lawyer

The aggressive tactics of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have inspired fear among many immigrants in the New York area. Understanding the strategies used to pick targets in a NYC ICE arrest will provide greater peace of mind for these individuals and families. This can often allow increased engagement with the local community and reduced stress for those worried about ICE actions against themselves or their family members.

Targeting Through Social Media

One way in which ICE likely finds its targets is through social media sites. While federal officials have not yet admitted to the monitoring of these sites, arrests and detentions have sometimes followed postings by individuals and families who might be targeted for deportation proceedings. In some cases, they may respond to ads placed by undocumented immigrants to lure them away from their homes and to effect their arrests in a neutral environment. Working with a New York immigration attorney will often provide the necessary guidance for families worried about being targeted by ICE and other federal agencies for deportation.

Targeting Through Labor Pools

Another tactic used to target NYC ICE arrest activities is to frequent locations where immigrants find work or seek services. By identifying locations where immigrants live and work, ICE will often make multiple arrests in a single day of individuals who are looking for jobs to support themselves and their families. This can result in the deportation of the primary breadwinners for families seeking to pursue the American dream in the New York area.

Targeting by Neighborhood

ICE may also be targeting specific neighborhoods for enforcement activities. Anecdotal reports suggest that people in certain communities have been targeted by ICE based on their geographical location. Working with an established New York immigration attorney is often a practical way to determine if your neighborhood is at risk and to take steps to reduce your risk of deportation in the current hostile political environment.

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