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Green Cards, New, Secure And Private, Valid For Ten Years

On May 11, 2010, the U.S. Immigration Services began issuing a newly designed green card valid for 10 years. The new card has several new security advances: optically the card will have biometric information to reliably identify the holder: a holographic image, engraved fingerprints, and a micro-image on the card that will prevent alteration. At points of entry, Border Protection Officers will be able to compare the card’s information with the Immigration Service’s data bank; and if the card is lost, a preprinted return address allows easy access to the Immigration Service. The card will be colored green in keeping with its name.

  1. The Immigration’s Alien Registration Number will now be posted on the back of the card in addition to its appearance on the front
  2. Special ink creates color shifts
  3. Fine-line artwork and complex pictures prevent counterfeiting
  4. Personalized facial features prevent alteration and facilitate identification
  5. Ultra-violet technology allows for rapid identification at border crossings

These redesigned green cards are valid for 10 years. The card is proof of authorization to the holder of the right to live in the U.S. and to work as a permanent resident.

Card Features


An application to replace a Permanent Resident Card may be filed with the Immigration Service by filing form I-90. If a permanent resident is outside the U.S. he/she should contact the nearest U.S. Consulate abroad. The filing fee for renewing or replacing the card is $370. A permanent resident married to a U.S. citizen for more than 3 years, and who has had the permanent resident card for over 3 years, may apply for U.S. citizenship; or, if not married to a U.S. citizen, then the permanent resident has to have 5 years of permanent residence to apply for citizenship.

Existing green card holders with the old design do not have to file for a new card until the old one has or is about to expire; for those who hold cards without an expiration date, the Immigration Service recommends that they apply to replace their cards with the redesigned format.

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