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Temporary Protected Status (Tps)

Nationals of a foreign country may receive TPS if there is an armed conflict in their country that is a serious threat to the personal safety of the country’s nationals if they returned there, or there has been an earthquake, flood, drought, epidemic or disaster disrupting the living conditions in the country and the country is temporarily unable to handle the return of its nationals and the country has requested of the United states such a determination; or there are extraordinary and temporary conditions there that prevent their nationals from returning safely.

TPS is granted usually for 6 to 18 months and may be extended. Those foreign nationals may not be deported from the U.S. during this period and should be granted employment authorization while the national has TPS or for an extension. Travel abroad is permitted but must be applied for. A TPS holder may also apply for asylum.

Hondurans and Salvadoreans are among the countries granted TPS. Applications must be filed during registration period and with a fee as established by the program. An application for late registration must be filed within 60 days immediately following the expiration of status.

For Salvadoreans, they must have continuously resided here since May 9, 2001; for Hondurans, since December 30, 1998.

For Haitians because of the recent disaster, TPS is being granted now.

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