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Three obstacles preventing immigration enforcement changes

During his campaign, President-elect Trump repeatedly vowed to deport "illegal immigrants" and promised that he would fight any path to amnesty or a path to citizenship. Later on in the campaign, the Republican presidential candidate toned down his rhetoric, promising to focus on immigrants without legal documentation facing criminal charges or with a criminal conviction.

Driver License for Illegal Immigrants


Giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants has been a topic of discussion in the United States for quite a few years and people on both sides of the argument tend to have strong opinions. However, with recent government changes, at both a national and state level, many states are starting to provide licenses to undocumented immigrants.

New Immigration Law


President Barack Obama’s immigration plan has been heavily discussed in all political circles this year, and while it certainly has its supporters and detractors, some people are still unsure how it will affect them. Among this group is certainly some portion of the 11-million estimated illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

How Does Immigration Amnesty Work?


Immigration amnesty is not a new concept in the United States. The idea has been kicked around by various politicians and groups since the mid-1980s, particularly in states where the population of undocumented immigrants is high.

Do Illegal Immigrants Have Rights?


In the United States, illegal immigrants are part of the culture now more than ever. States like California, Texas, and Arizona – states on or near the border – tend to have a higher population of illegal immigrants, but they are a prevalent part of society in many other areas as well.

What is America's Youth's Take on the Immigration Controversy?


Immigration policy has been at the forefront of the political discussion for the better part of the decade. It should come as no surprise that America’s youth has strong opinions about immigration, as many are directly affected or know somebody who will be directly affected by immigration policy changes.

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