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Children Refugee Visas

OBAMA PLANS TO ALLOW CHILDREN FROM HONDURAS, GUATEMALA, AND EL SALVADORTO APPLY FOR REFUGEE VISAS WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.Thousands of children may now be able to apply as refugees within their own countries, in order to avoid the perils of a journey across Mexico to reach the American border. Border control centers set up by the U.S. in their countries will interview these children who have faced rape and gang violence at home and allow their entry in the U.S. to rejoin family members in the U.S. In June 2014 more than 10,000 unaccompanied children presented themselves at the border, creating havoc among immigration officers who had to interview them, and to provide them lodging and caretaking. Interviews in the countries beforehand would provide a more orderly process and avoid the dangers these children have undergone to get here via Mexico. These children could be admitted because they are members of a social group of children who are vulnerable and, who are or have been endangered by rampant crime and violence, and are not protected by the authorities in their countries. The criteria has not yet been set as to what age up to these children be still considered children and what requirement must be met for these children to qualify as refugees. By this salutary reform, children could be granted refugee status enabling them to avoid death threating circumstances due to drug trafficking, gangs that appear now to be spread out all over Central America and allow our consular or immigration offices in these countries to conduct an orderly process to review each case.

Immigrants In America

The origin of Thanksgiving Day began in 1621. The governor of the colony of Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts, brought together members of the new colony and asked them to thank God for having survived the winter due to the fact that only half of the pilgrims survived winter. The governor invited the natives of the area to have dinner with the pilgrims. Pilgrims survived thanks to the solidarity of the natives.Immigrants Celebrate ThanksgivingImmigrants today should be welcomed like pilgrims were who were seeking religious freedom and a new life. A new life that allowed them to find happiness for themselves and their families. Many immigrants do not always live the positive experience that the English Pilgrims lived.Immigrants Celebrate ThanksgivingThe history of this country is founded on the immigrant experience. Since the arrival of the pilgrims to the new generations of immigrants arriving from Latin America and Asia, the history of work that has raised the fundamental pillars of this country is based on immigrant's effort. Therefore, they deserve to be welcomed.On Thursday, thousands of immigrants celebrate this holiday with family gatherings in their homes where they will prepare a feast and give a prayer of thanks to God. If you need assistance with your immigration case and would like a free evaluation of your case or for a family member, please call (212) 944-9420. Our attorneys are there for you.

New York City Immigration Attorney: Helping Your Children to Become Citizens

When a person wants to become a U.S. citizen, they have to go through a process. This process can be quite time consuming and difficult. However, when it is a child or children that need to get into the U.S. this process is a little easier for them, especially if the parents already reside in the U.S. If you have children that you would like to reside with you in the states, contact a New York City immigration attorney for guidance.

New York City Immigration Attorney: Obtaining a Green Card through Marriage

One of the easier ways to obtain a green card is through a marriage to a U.S. citizen. However, if your marriage is only occurring for the fact that will be easier to get a green card, then you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. It is best to have a New York City immigration attorney guiding you through your quest to obtain a green card through marriage.There are still requirements that need to be met even if you are married to a U.S. citizen. Your New York City immigration attorney will help make sure that you meet these requirements. They will also help you with the forms and make sure that you understand what it is that you are filling out.Having a New York City immigration attorney to guide you through this process, will make it go much smoother and timely than if you were to try and obtain a green card on your own. Obtaining a visa, a green card or any other type of means to gain citizenship can be a lengthy process. It can also bring up complications you didn’t expect. This is why hiring an attorney will be in your best interest.
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