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May 2017 Archives

U.S. to undertake comprehensive review of H-1b visa program

Tech workers seeking to enter the U.S. on a temporary work visa received unsurprising, but still disappointing, news recently. President Trump on Tuesday, April 18, announced an executive order that would ask federal agencies to review and offer recommendations for an H-1b visa program reform.

What is the status of the proposed travel ban?

There are several grounds on which immigrants may seek an adjustment of status, or lawful permanent residency in the United States. Eligibility can be based on factors such as family, employment, or asylum or refugee status. However, the current administration has sought to modify immigration policies regarding Muslim refugees.

School denies student info to USCIS, de Blasio says system worked

When an agent from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services showed up at P.S. 58 in Queens last week, everyone assumed it was an immigration raid. The agent was seeking information about a fourth grader for benefits purposes, not immigration issues, according to reports. Stories differ about whether the agents were turned away without being given any information, or if they were told the student didn't attend P.S. 58. Either way, they did not get what they were looking for.

Are longtime regulations for detainees being 'Trumped'?

Seeking jail space for their continued crackdown on illegal immigration, the new presidential administration is rumored to be reining in requirements that exist in detaining immigrants. Rules that date back 15 years are about to be proverbially "trumped" to entice local law enforcement officials to make their facilities available.

Undocumented immigrants and road safety

California legislation proposed four years ago to allow undocumented immigrants to legally drive was not without controversy. Undocumented immigration was already evolving as a "hot-button" topic that divided political parties and advocacy groups. It soon became a hallmark plank on campaign platforms for both sides.

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