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Immigrants In America

The origin of Thanksgiving Day began in 1621. The governor of the colony of Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts, brought together members of the new colony and asked them to thank God for having survived the winter due to the fact that only half of the pilgrims survived winter. The governor invited the natives of the area to have dinner with the pilgrims. Pilgrims survived thanks to the solidarity of the natives.Immigrants Celebrate ThanksgivingImmigrants today should be welcomed like pilgrims were who were seeking religious freedom and a new life. A new life that allowed them to find happiness for themselves and their families. Many immigrants do not always live the positive experience that the English Pilgrims lived.Immigrants Celebrate ThanksgivingThe history of this country is founded on the immigrant experience. Since the arrival of the pilgrims to the new generations of immigrants arriving from Latin America and Asia, the history of work that has raised the fundamental pillars of this country is based on immigrant's effort. Therefore, they deserve to be welcomed.On Thursday, thousands of immigrants celebrate this holiday with family gatherings in their homes where they will prepare a feast and give a prayer of thanks to God. If you need assistance with your immigration case and would like a free evaluation of your case or for a family member, please call (212) 944-9420. Our attorneys are there for you.
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