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Video Conferencing in Immigration Court

New York Immigration

To get through a massive backlog of immigration cases, federal authorities in New York implemented a new high-tech “solution” last year, to speed up and increase the deportation of immigrants. Immigrants were forced to submit to video conferencing to “attend” their own immigration court proceedings. This “solution” allows them to appear before a judge in court, while they stayed in detention centers in an effort to prevent immigrants from overcrowding the immigration courtrooms. A notable consequence of this “solution” caused sensitive details of each immigrant’s case to be aired in front of numerous other people. These people, who were made privy to delicate immigration details of every case, had no right or qualification, to hear these details, causing stress and anguish to the immigrants because they felt they were being deprived of their privacy.

In response to this latest “solution” by ICE and the government to deal with immigration case backlog, a new lawsuit has been filed on the grounds that this new policy infringes on the immigrants’ constitutional rights and their rights to privacy. This lawsuit was filed during the first week of February in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, based on the facts that this new “solution” made it impossible for detained immigrants to have adequate communication with their legal representation, and it also does not allow them full participation in the legal proceedings. This lawsuit seeks class-action status. The plaintiffs, who brought this lawsuit believe immigrants who would normally be granted the ability to remain in the U.S. are instead being deported because video conferencing doesn’t allow them their right to due process, access to legal counsel, and to the courts, all for the purpose of causing more deportations.

New York Immigration Lawyer

Immigrants have been facing many obstacles under this current administration, to legally stay in the U.S. or achieve full American citizenship. It is invaluable to have the legal representation of a knowledgeable New York Immigration Lawyer with experiences that include handling business visas, work and family-related immigrant visas, consular processing, waivers, naturalization proceedings, and deportation hearings. The attorneys at Oltarsh & Associates, P.C have been providing mastery of the immigration field and unfailing solutions for all immigration cases for over 50 years.

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