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Undocumented Family Of Military Can Apply For Permanent Residence

Undocumented Family of Military Can Now Apply for Permanent Residence in the U.S.

Friday, November 15, 2013 the U.S. government announced that it allows undocumented immigrant spouses, minor children, and parents, of military or veterans, to change to permanent residence in the U.S. The announcement has given the power to the Immigration Service to grant Parole in Place to undocumented, namely permanent residence here without the requirement that they return to their country. This will be the fourth reform granted in 2013 by the Administration. In March the right for U.S. citizens to apply for waivers in the U.S. while their undocumented spouses wait here for waivers. Formerly the undocumented had to wait abroad. In August the Dream Act was passed by the President to enable undocumented children who had entered prior to the age of 16, and who had obtained high school diplomas or were in the process of obtaining the diplomas to receive legal status for the next two years and permission to work. This Dream Act may ultimately enable these young undocumented aliens to get their residence. The third benefit to immigrants was the right for same sex immigrant spouses to be able to receive the same privileges as heterosexual couples, namely the same sex immigrants of U.S. citizens become immediate relatives and thereby become immediately eligible for permanent residence.

Now a fourth reform offers an umbrella by the government for active duty soldiers, reservist and the National Guard plus veterans, namely for their spouses (including those of the same sex) and also their minor children and parents. These immigrant family members may obtain their residence here without leaving the U.S. In addition the immigrants can receive permission to work immediately.

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