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Pardon Review Panel

Immigration law is very severe with noncitizens who have been convicted of felonies that include such crimes as murder, rape, molestation of minors, robbery, and arson. Similarly the immigration’s orders of exclusion fall upon even such crimes as possession of prohibited substances such as cocaine. As a result of a conviction for simple possession of cocaine, even though it may be a tiny amount, a noncitizen would be excluded from the U.S. for life. We have many clients who were convicted many years ago for a crime like robbery or burglary or robbery when they were young and since have rehabilitated themselves. Even so, Immigration considers them aggravated felonies and they are barred from the country for life, even though such persons may have a U.S. spouse, or a U.S. citizen parent or U.S. citizen child. There is no statute of limitations in the imposition of this law. There is no possibility of proving rehabilitation. There is no provision for mercy that may be extended by a Judge or Immigration Officer on the basis of reasonable discretion.

Now the Governor of New York has created a panel to extend a hand to noncitizens, who can show they have rehabilitated themselves so they may avoid deportation. The panel created by the Governor will decide whether the individual under consideration has been rehabilitated, whether in accepting a plea of guilty the person was aware of the consequences of the plea, viz that it would result in removal, even though the plea was entered into many years before.

If the Governor grants a Pardon, the Immigration Service would not be able to deport this person, the noncitizen would be able to become or resume and even apply for U.S. citizenship.

If you are in this predicament or if you know some one who is, please call us and we will try to help. We would need to know the name, address and telephone number of the individual, date of birth and place of birth, whether Immigration proceedings are pending or already closed, and information about when and where the conviction for the crime took place, what was the sentence, whether there was probation and whether probation has been completed. If you have any questions, call us at 212-944-9420.

If you need help or advise, call us at (212)944-9420

Our assistance is only a phone call, or e-mail communication away!

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 Hello Jennifer just want to say "THANK YOU", God bless you!. We recovered our happiness, my nephews kids are the most happiest kids in the world because they finally can play with their father. Once again thank you very much to you and your staff, specially Romina, she has been very kind and helpful with our communications. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!! Released From Jail on December 2012 


 This is an unbelievable gift for the Holidays! I am actually driving to Mexico now to spend the New Year with my wife and I am taking her a car that I bought for her...when I saw this mail my heart was pounding and I had to stop the car...thank you Romina and Jennifer I 

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