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Immigration Lawyer NYC

Fiancee Visa


For foreign fianc (e)s, we have been able to expeditiously bring them to the U.S. with K visas and after the K visa applicant should then marry the US citizen within 3 months and then we can secure prompt approval of permanent residence.

Marriage Visa


For the marriage of a U.S. citizen to a foreign immigrant who entered the US with a visa, we have had a 100% success rate by showing the good faith of the couple, and the financial ability of the petitioning spouse and if necessary, in preparing an affidavit of support by a co-sponsor. Over the past years we have enabled immigrants to receive permission to work within 2 months and permanent residence in 6 months.



Asylum: We requested asylum for a Venezuelan who fled his country because on T.V. he criticized President Chavez. He was recognized when he went to a garage to get his car. A crowd assembled after a person identified him as the person who criticized the President. The crowd told him if he ever said that again he would land in the hospital.The next day he came to the U.S. Two months later we obtained his asylum here.

Green Card Lawyer


For Permanent Residence we recently requested an applicant who lacked a college degree but was able to prove his highly skilled experience and singular qualifications, and though proof of awards, and letters from colleagues and specialists in the field; we succeeded in obtaining a preference and permanent residence.

J1 Visa Waivers


For waivers of the 2 year foreign residence requirement for J-1 educational exchange program holders, we have expeditiously obtained no objection letters from the home country, have proved that the return of theJ-1 was not necessary for his/her country and thereby obtained approval of the Immigration Service and the State Department expeditiously and with complete success.

New York Business Attorney


For companies here who wish to bring foreign experts, executives and managers to the U.S. from countries all over the world we have had a 100% success rate.

Immigration Work Visas


For intra company transferees, we have obtained proof of foreign employment for more than one year abroad for the transferee of the foreign affiliate and then proof of the need for the applicant here for the American affiliate company and then expeditiously obtained approvals. For executives, managers and highly skilled employees we have had unvarying success.

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Hi Staff,I want to say a special thank you to the following persons at the office:Gladis, Giselle, and to anybody that I missed. You guys, are professional, efficient when you’ll perform your duties at the office, and for that I say, thank you.Keep up the great work; you guys are doing, and I will say boldly that Jennifer has an awesome team.

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 Hello Jennifer just want to say "THANK YOU", God bless you!. We recovered our happiness, my nephews kids are the most happiest kids in the world because they finally can play with their father. Once again thank you very much to you and your staff, specially Romina, she has been very kind and helpful with our communications. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!! Released From Jail on December 2012 


 This is an unbelievable gift for the Holidays! I am actually driving to Mexico now to spend the New Year with my wife and I am taking her a car that I bought for her...when I saw this mail my heart was pounding and I had to stop the car...thank you Romina and Jennifer I 

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