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H-4 Spouses Of Highly Skilled Workers (H1-B) May Now Obtain Permission To Work

The President declared on Tuesday, May 5th, 2014 that by Executive Order he will accept applications from the spouses of H1B’s for permission to work. Many of these spouses have high skills in science, technology and other capabilities that would contribute to the U.S. economy and well-being.
Principally Chinese, Indians, and Filipinos will be benefited because there is a backlog of visas for these nations, specifically for India, 10 years, for the Philippines, 6 years and for China mainland, 2 years. These spouses of these 3 countries have up to now been unable to apply for work that has resulted in extreme hardship. This situation will now be corrected by this Executive Order that will take effect after in and about October, 2014.
This Executive Order should help about 100,000 spouses in the next year and about 30,000 each year after. Demand for technological and scientific skills is extensive. For example, the annual quota limit for the H1B visa was filled within one week after the 2014 H1B quota opened.
For H1B holders for whom a work preference (I-140) has been approved or who have used up their six years of H1B authorized stay, but have a preference petition pending, their spouses may now apply for work visas as well.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has predicted that these new regulations would apply to professionals from Chile, Singapore and Australia (E-3) as well. Also the DHS proposal will also include the spouses of EB1’s (outstanding professors and researchers).

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