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Personal Injuries

Our experience is extensive in every type of accident case including automobile collisions, falls resulting from broken streets or sidewalks, falling objects from buildings in poor repair, injuries resulting from chemical or biological substances that are dangerous including drugs, vaccines or industrial products, as well as medical malpractice cases. Our extensive experience and careful research and investigation assures you of your entitlement to collect the maximum money damages and awards and also for pain and suffering for injuries that are appropriate.

Discrimination cases based on racial or religious or national identity or gender are part of our expertise. We ourselves handle all of our cases for trial, as well as negotiations for settlement, for mediation or arbitration, and for appeals, if necessary.

Real Estate

We have over 40 years of experience in negotiating contracts and closing titles for single family homes and multiple dwellings, both for individuals and corporations. Our practice consists of the careful study of title searches to assure that there are no liens or taxes against the property at the time of closing and also to assure buyers and sellers that transfer of title is properly accomplished.

Divorce and Annulments

We accept divorce as well as annulment cases; negotiate separation agreements for property distribution, and arrange custody and visitation rights. In cases of spousal abuse, we assist in legal counseling, to protect the interest of the abused party as well as to ensure the protection of children.

Wills & Estates

Everyone should have a Will to protect their family and beloved ones.

Over many years we have helped individuals with practical legal advice to provide for reducing the impact of taxes and where appropriate to prepare life trusts and gifts, for the benefit of families and loved ones and for charitable beneficiaries. After death we provide the full range of our expertise in handling estates, providing for the liquidation or distribution of assets

Workplace Discrimination and Harrassment

Employment discrimination because of gender, race, religion, national identity, age or physical impairments represent a severe problem for employees. We are vigilant in helping our clients, to provide protection in the work environment as well as substantial awards for damages. Harassment also represents a major threat to employees for such abuses as for sexual favors, and for these attempts to menace and diminish the stature of our clients, we are ready to assist in protecting them and to obtain substantial damages, compensatory and punitive. We have a long history of protecting clients in these cases and we have been extremely successfully in obtaining substantial judgments to compensate our clients for these wrongs. If you are unsure if you have a legitimate case, call us for a conference so that we can advise you and help you.


Australians may apply under the Australian – United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) to live and work in the United States. E-3 visas are exclusively for Australians, and number 10,500 including spouses and children. Spouses of E-3s may work as well. Verification that the applicant’s salary meets or will meet a standard of parity with equivalent American workers is necessary. A Labor Condition Application must indicate and be approved by the Department of Labor that working conditions and wages will be equal with U.S. workers.

This visa is for those Australians who qualify under specialty occupations, namely, who have worked in a field requiring a theoretical and practical application in a professional field and at least have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

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