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OLTARSH & ASSOCIATES, P.C. is a law firm whose attorneys have successfully dealt with immigration issues for over 40 years. We offer a dynamic practice in New York, across the country and throughout the world, and have years of experience in handling complex immigration issues, whether they are filings, consular issues or litigation. We represent individuals and corporations, and our partners provide each and every client with personal attention and experienced counsel.

Our practice includes obtaining green cards (through work or family, labor certifications, extraordinary petitions or waiver of the national interest), citizenship, work visas for H-1Bs (specialty occupations); H-1C (nurses); H-2A/B (seasonal and agricultural workers); H-3 (trainee); L-1s (intracompany transferees); E-1 and E-2 (treaty trader and investor; O and P visas (extraordinary ability in one’s field and internationally recognized athletes and group entertainers); K and V visas (fiancée and immediate relative), religious workers, S, T and U visas (law enforcement) asylum applications, citizenship/naturalization, waiver application, and visa processing. We provide representation in deportation proceedings as well, through appeals to the BIA and Federal Courts.

In terms of business clients, we assist our business clients, comprised of Fortune 500 companies, foundations, small and large businesses, in all diverse areas of interest. These include petitions for specialty workers, intracompany transferees, investor and trade issues, extraordinary petitions and waivers in the national interest, I-9 reviews, H-1B, P, O, E visa petitions and labor certifications.

For individuals we handle all immigration issues, including alien relative petitions, as well as fiancée visas, and derivative statuses through US citizens and permanent residents and US citizen grandparents, as well as citizenship and naturalization.

We also handle religious workers, self-petitions (for abused individuals) and unusual visas, such as for government informants. We also regularly work on complex waivers for crimes, visa overstays, and the foreign residency requirement for J visa holders.

Our firm offers the highest expertise in court cases, including deportation (removal and exclusion proceedings), appeals and federal litigation. This includes a practice for criminal aliens and those seeking political asylum or cancellation of removal.

We speak and write in Spanish, French and Italian, and other languages as well. Our number one focus is helping our clients. We are attentive to the needs of our clients for emergencies, rapid turn-around service when needed, and we provide follow up and tracking service of our cases. Our firm’s fees are also reasonable…

Our principals have been active in Bar Associations and the American Immigration Lawyers Association as officers, and on committees relating to immigration and human rights. We are counsel to a number of foreign Consulates in New York. Also we have been involved in civil rights issues, advising organizations such as Amnesty International, and have participated on the Committee of International Human Rights of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The firm maintains a monthly newsletter about developments in the immigration field, which is available upon request.

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