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New Challenges Facing H-1B Visa Holders

New York Employment Immigration Lawyer

Help from a New York Employment Immigration Lawyer

The coronavirus pandemic has created widespread unemployment throughout the United States. One of the groups hardest hit by COVID-19 and its effect on the business world, however, is the class of immigrants here under H-1B visas. Many of these individuals have been laid off or have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak. Under current immigration law, these workers must find a new employer to sponsor them within 50 days or lose their H-1B visa status.

How the H-1B Visa Works

The H-1B specialty visa is designed to allow workers in certain in-demand occupations to come to the United States to work for an employer who sponsors their visa. To qualify for an H-1B visa, immigrants must typically have at least a four-year degree and an offer from an employer to work in health care, education, information sciences, or academic positions. Only 65,000 H-1B visas are awarded during a given year. If more than 65,000 applications are received, the visas are issued through a lottery system that allows only 65,000 visas to be processed.

The Effects of COVID-19 on H-1B Visas

Although the coronavirus has had an impact on most sectors of American society, no provisions have yet been made for H-1B visa recipients who have lost their job through no fault of their own during this crisis. For these individuals, working with a qualified New York employment immigration lawyer can provide added peace of mind and increased options for dealing with the situation in the most effective way. Your New York immigration attorney can help you to deal with the challenges of the current pandemic.

Help from a New York Employment Immigration Lawyer

While the U.S. government usually recommends that immigrants who lose their H-1B visa status return to their home countries to avoid serious penalties, this is not possible for many immigrants during the pandemic. Closed borders have made it difficult to enter many countries around the globe. This is true even for citizens of those countries who are living abroad. Working with a New York employment immigration lawyer is a solid step in the right direction when determining your next move if your H-1B visa is in danger.

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