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Illegal Immigration Pros And Cons

illegal immigrants working in US

The actual number of illegal immigrants in the United States is one that’s relatively hard to measure. After all, illegal immigrants generally don’t participate in census polls, vote or take part in other activities or use services that could help count them among the legal population.

Student Visa Extension

Many people from all over the world dream of coming to the United States to obtain a degree. While most of those people are simply looking for a BA to better themselves and gain employment opportunities, others are seeking advanced degrees that they may not be able to easily obtain closer to home.

Illegal Immigration Pros And Cons

Illegal immigration has been a hot-button issue for decades in the United States, and it seems that discussions and tempers flare in election years. While there are a lot of issues to be considered when it comes to immigration in the United States, tough economic times have shifted the focus of the discussion toward the economy.

New York City Immigration Records

New York City

New York City is one of the oldest parts of the United States, and its history in regards to immigration is unrivaled by any other. Without question, more immigrants came to the United States through New York Harbor and Ellis Island into New York City than any other.

Undocumented Immigrant


The United States is known around the world for the freedom that it offers its citizens. In the past and today, many people have fled countries with oppressive governments in an attempt to build a better life in the United States.

Undocumented Immigrant

City skylineHow many undocumented immigrants there are in the United States is difficult to determine since numbers aren’t reported in census reports. Estimates range from about 15 million on the low side, to approximately 30 million.In big cities like Los Angeles and New York, as well as border towns in states like Texas, the undocumented population is believed to be quite high. These cities have very large economies, and many undocumented immigrants settle there because they can find work.While immigration is a touchy subject for some people, two coastal cities, Los Angeles and New York, have implemented programs that allow undocumented immigrants to better become part of the culture and assimilate with natural born citizens and legal residents. Other states and cities are starting to follow in their footsteps as well.Los AngelesLos Angeles has always had a large population of undocumented immigrants – considerably larger than most other cities in the country. While exact numbers can’t be calculated, it is believed that more than three million undocumented illegal immigrants call the city of Los Angeles home.Driver’s License Program for Undocumented Immigrants in Los AngelesTraffic in L.A.In late 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that allows hundreds of thousands of undocumented citizens to obtain a valid legal driver’s license. Though the plan may seem controversial to some, there are restrictions that limit who can obtain a driver’s license in Los Angeles.According to the new law, undocumented immigrants who came to the United States before their 16th birthday, and who are now 30 years of age or younger, will be able to apply for a driver’s license just like everybody else in the state without fear of deportation or legal repercussions.Individuals applying for a driver’s license in Los Angeles also need to have a high school diploma or GED. Applicants need to be free of felonies and have a clean police record as well, though some people who have been found guilty of committing petty crimes will still be able to apply for a driver’s license.Undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles applying for a driver’s license will also have to qualify with ICE and the Department of Homeland Security before they are able to apply for a driver’s license.Many undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles are thankful that this bill was turned into law. Los Angeles and surrounding areas have long been known for being difficult to navigate without a car, making regular employment difficult for some undocumented immigrants.Still, not everybody is happy that undocumented immigrants will be allowed to legally drive and work in Los Angeles if they qualify. Opponents have even called for the law to be struck down. However, in a state with a liberal history like California’s, that doesn’t seem likely to happen.New YorkHistorically, New York is the place many people think of when they think of immigrants coming to the United States, though Ellis Island is actually in New Jersey. In fact, more than one million people came to the United States through New York Harbor and Ellis Island in 1907 alone. Today, New York still has one of the largest immigrant populations in the entire United States.Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in New Yorkstatue of liberty

New York officials have made public statements urging undocumented immigrants to come forward and seek quality medical care when they need it.


More than 50,000 applications have been received and approved by USCIS for the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals Program, better known as DACA.According to government figures, 53.273 requests had been approved under the program that started in August of this year and enabled defer deportations of young people who qualify.Deferred ActionIn three and a half years about 1. 5 million people were deported, something that never happened during the Bush Administration unlike President Obama's Administration who never presented a specific project or supported immigration reform in Congress as did Bush in 2006 -2007.

Deferred Action Reform

On June 15th the Obama administration announced its deferred action program to allow undocumented young adults who came here before the age16 and who meet certain requirements to remain in the country legally for the next two years.Fortunately, the political moment is increasingly favorable for comprehensive reform. The Republican Party has realized that it has to change its tune when it comes to immigration policy. On Sunday, Republican strategists Carlos Gutierrez and Charles Spies announced the formation of a new Super PAC, Republicans for Immigration Reform.deferred actionNow that it's not only Latinos and other immigrants who support the Obama Administration's policy of offering deferred deportation to the undocumented youth, immigration reform is well underway. To speak with one of our experience Deferred Action Attorneys call (212) 944-9072 or click here to schedule a consultation.

Obama On Immigration

Republicans sustained a catastrophic blow from the election results. Now they have decided to support immigration reform. Having opposed any law to favor the undocumented, the Republican candidate, Romney, after he opposed the Dream Act decided that he would support it. Unfortunately for the Republicans it was too little too late. The Latino community didn’t trust the conservatives anymore and they gave the President the preponderance of their vote. This tipped the election in eleven undecided States over to Barack Obama that resulted in his reelection.

Immigration Reform Support

Indocumentados y la inmigracionJohn Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives, changed his tune as well. Before he was against any immigration reform; now he’s in favor of it. The Republican Party is so upset at the loss of the majority of the Latino vote, the black, women and the young that today the Republicans fear slipping into the status of a permanent minority party. The President won 72% of the Latino vote, only 28% voted for Romney. The Republican conservatives have figured out that they can’t win a national plebiscite without Latinos, women, blacks and the young. The result is that immigration reform will be front and center for Democrats as well as Republicans.

Democratic Immigration Reform

Immigration ReformWhen the President announced his victory after the election, he promised in the coming weeks and months to fix the broken immigration system. The problem of 11 million illegal aliens is the elephant in the room. Latino organizations, businesses and agricultural groups will all hold the President and the Republicans’ feet to the fire to reframe the immigration dilemma by an amnesty. In the polls 65% of all voters favor legal states now for the undocumented; only 28% said they should be deported.Click Here to schedule a private consultation to speak with one of our Immigration Attorneys.

Obama On Immigrants

President Obama can thank the Hispanic Vote community for contributing to his reelection. Seventy three percent (73%) of Latinos voted for Obama; Romney’s share was only 27%. Romney’s brazen admonition to Spanish immigrants that he would worsen their lives in the U.S. to encourage them to self deport was not forgotten. The President promised to reform immigration law. This will be eagerly awaited.Exit polls taken after people voted, indicated two thirds of voters said that undocumented workers should have a chance to apply for legal status. And many States are now saying that they will provide in-state college tuition for undocumented students.

Hispanic Vote Growth

Hispanic voteThe Republican Party is now reconsidering its positions respecting Latino voters. The increased disaffection of Latinos with the Republican Party resulted in the loss of eleven out of 12 swing states and thereby the defeat of Romney for the Presidency. Some conservatives like Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida, warned Romney that he had to do more for the Latino community. But to win the nomination Romney had to convince the Republican right wing that he was solidly in their camp. This brought Romney to say he would make it miserable for Latino immigrants here so they would choose self-deportation.While the proportion of white male voters has declined, the Latinos share of the Hispanic vote has surged. The Republicans are now saying that they misunderstood what was happening in the country and now the Republicans have admitted that they need to strive to include more Latinos into their base or else they will become permanently a minority party. Constant talk about protecting the borders isn’t helping them. They need to pay attention immediately in dealing with legitimating the 12 million undocumented here.

Hispanic Vote Surge

hispanic votePresident Obama in the 2012 election won an even larger share of the Hispanic vote than he did in the election of 2008. Ten percent of the nationwide electorate is now Hispanic. If the Republicans don’t pay attention to these statistics, they will perish. Romney first opposed the Dream Act and then after Barack Obama by executive order granted it, and when it became apparent it was successful, Romney supported it. The Spanish community felt after that they could not trust Romney. The Spanish community values church and family orientation and hard work. They want a share of the good life too and are sensitive to prejudice against persons with darker skins. They dislike favoritism of rich over poor. They want their children to be educated and have a promising future. Unless the Republican Party turns around to become helpful and cooperative in programs to allow these values to succeed, the Republican Party will shrink and die.
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