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Removal by retribution?

At a March 1 press conference in Jackson Mississippi, Daniela Vargas, a 22-year-old undocumented immigrant, was speaking out against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the agency’s recent arrests of immigrants, including her father and brother.

Two reasons President Trump's revised travel ban may not stand

President Donald Trump received a good deal of negative press over an executive order issued on January 27th. The order, dubbed a travel ban by critics, imposed a 90 day ban on travels from six predominately Muslim nations. Those opposing the ban further critiqued it by calling it a Muslim ban, pointing to language within the order allowing preferential treatment for those coming from these countries that were of a "minority religion."

Resistance to the ramping up of immigration enforcement

The White House continues to ramp up plans to expand deportation of people living in the United States illegally. As the battle lines continue to be drawn in the Trump administration’s ongoing disputes over so-called “sanctuary cities.” New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill has underlined his city’s stance in a memo to his officers.

The life-changing stakes involved in medical repatriation

With or without insurance, a serious and sudden health issue can be emotionally and financial devastating for both the patient and their family members. Trust is placed in doctors to create a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific needs. However, for those who are uninsured and undocumented, those strategies may involve a return to their home country.

Goodbye lottery based H-1B visa program, hello priority?

The immigration system in the United States is currently receiving a good deal of media attention. Although many of these stories focus on recent changes to the system based on the change of administration, it is important for those applying for work visas to be aware of the many pieces of legislation that are currently under consideration.

Three obstacles preventing immigration enforcement changes

During his campaign, President-elect Trump repeatedly vowed to deport "illegal immigrants" and promised that he would fight any path to amnesty or a path to citizenship. Later on in the campaign, the Republican presidential candidate toned down his rhetoric, promising to focus on immigrants without legal documentation facing criminal charges or with a criminal conviction.

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