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Immigration Reform

While President Obama is still pushing for Immigration Reform, it appears that a comprehensive immigration overhaul is unlikely in the near future. The immigration reform bill that was passed in the Senate will not be voted on in the House of Representatives, rendering the possibility of passage of immigration legislation at this time almost impossible.

Obama appears to remain committed to fixing the broken immigration system. In a recent speech, he noted that :

“America is and always has been a nation of immigrants. We believe our diversity, our differences when joined together by common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different. From all these different strands, we make something new in America.”

President Obama has stated that if Congress refuses to act, he will do what he can with his Executive Power. If that is truly the case, it is positive news that President Obama will take action in the face of the obstructionist Congress which refuses to act to amend America’s broken immigration laws.

President Obama is limited in what he can do by Executive Order but it was under this power that he permitted foreign nationals who came to the United States as children and who have educated themselves to receive deferred removal and a work authorization under a program termed DACA. He could possibly do the same for the many long-term undocumented immigrants in this country. He could also take action against the many deportation orders executed and assist those in removal proceedings. Giving millions of long-term immigrants permission to work and a reprieve from the constant fear of removal would go a long way to alleviating suffering.

Although comprehensive reform would be better solution, in its absence it is an extremely positive step that the President is considering solutions to fix the situation. We hope to have a concrete measure in the very near future.

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