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Deportation Laws

Aliens whether caught crossing the border or found in the United States who were deported may have their chance to come back if they have U.S. citizen or permanent resident parents, U.S. citizen children or even permanent resident spouses. For humanitarian reasons these family members may enable deportees to return because of the hardship to these U.S. family members. In the past the arrest and deportation of immigrants who were apprehended for minor crimes or infractions such as driving without a license or for petty larceny resulted in the total destruction of U.S. families left behind. To rectify this injustice, the new proposed law, would unite deportees with their families here.

Many of these deportees had been brought to the U.S. when they were young children. The Immigration Service turned a deaf ear and little or no concern for them when the Immigration Service deported the immigrant. The harsh impact of the removal processes now may be softened by public opinion’s desire for this reform. Congress has become aware of the misfortune to young U. S. citizen children or their permanent resident parents or permanent resident spouses who rely on these deportees.

Possibly over a hundred thousand of these deportees, without criminal records or solely at most trivial ones would be reunited with their families here. All of these deportees are basically decent, hardworking and conscientious persons. They will benefit our economy as well as make a difference in our national sense of fairness. These deportees will in time repay our country for taking them back. Over the past 10 years, 2 million immigrants have been deported. This mass nightmare of removal appears to be on the threshold of a mighty reform. Our country has had in the past an open door, to welcome the poor, afflicted and those stranded on a foreign shore. The Statue of Liberty’s beacon light of welcome may yet be restored.

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