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Changes to H-1B Visas Could Limit Availability for These Immigration Methods

New York H-1B visa

The Trump administration has tightened the rules for obtaining H-1B visas in the lead-up to the November election. Although the move is being presented as a way to protect American jobs during the pandemic, it will make it substantially more difficult for companies to obtain the skilled workers needed to perform vital tasks within their organizations. The new directives indicate that the required wages paid to New York H-1B visa recipients will increase significantly, which could reduce the number of applications for these visas by one-third or more.

What Is an H-1B Visa?

Designed to allow companies to attract highly skilled workers from other countries to live and work in the United States, the H-1B visa program allows immigrants who are highly qualified to accept positions with U.S. companies. In many cases, they can also bring along their spouses and children during the tenure of their position. This offers significant advantages for workers and American companies alike. By altering the program, the Trump administration will not only put further limitations on the number of immigrants entering the country legally each year but will also reduce the options for companies in the United States to find the right staff members for their specific sets of needs.

Seeking Legal Help

For those interested in obtaining a New York H-1B visa through an employer, retaining the services of a qualified New York immigration lawyer is usually the best initial course of action to ensure the best outcomes for you and your family. While a New York H-1B visa must be sponsored by an employer, working with a New York immigration lawyer can help you to manage the process more effectively throughout the application by your prospective employer and decision by federal immigration officials. Your immigration attorney can also provide you with added help in determining the best and most practical ways to address issues with visas, citizenship applications and other challenges that may face your family as you pursue your goals of living and working in the United States.

At Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., we can provide practical help for families and individuals who need the best representation for their immigration cases and concerns. If you need expert help in navigating the H-1B visa process or for any other immigration issues, give us a call at 212-944-9420 to schedule your free case evaluation with our team. The experienced and caring lawyers at Oltarsh & Associates are ready to work with you.

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