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What's the status of your status?

U.S. immigration laws are always changing. Some are confident and well-informed as to how to protect their rights and where to seek support if needed; others live in constant fear that the government will deport them.

No matter how risky living in the United States may be for you, you are definitely not alone if you're an immigrant who fears returning to your country of origin above all else because of imminent violence and danger there. In fact, many people know their very lives are at risk if they ever go back to their original homelands.

Is a temporary protected status an option in your situation?

If conditions in your country of origin make it impossible for you to return there safely, the Secretary of Homeland Security in the United States may grant you a temporary protected status. Following, are basic facts and information regarding TPS:

  • In order to be eligible for a TPS, you must already be residing in the United States when conditions arise in your country of origin that make it too dangerous to return.
  • An ongoing war in your home country is one of several reasons the U.S. government may choose to grant you a TPS.
  • Many people with temporary protected statuses received them when environmental disasters occurred in their countries of origin, preventing them from safe returns.
  • If the Secretary grants you a TPS, the government cannot deport you merely because of your immigration status.
  • While protected under this status, you may obtain gainful employment in the United States.
  • You may also be able to travel under certain circumstances.

Temporary Protected Status is not transitional, meaning it cannot lead to your permanent legal residency or other legitimate immigration status. However, you may indeed apply for another status while residing under its protection. U.S. immigration law is complex, and such processes are often challenging to navigate, especially on your own. This is why many New York immigrants reach out for support from various immigration advocates.

One of the best resources to access when seeking clarification on U.S. immigration law or guidance concerning application for Temporary Protected Status or another legitimate condition is an immigration and naturalization law attorney. By entrusting your situation to an experienced attorney, you may be able to expedite whatever process you're pursuing and receive help to overcome any obstacles that arise.

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