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Has trouble arisen concerning your visa?

Thinking back to when you first began to dream of moving to New York, you probably recall feeling eager, excited, and perhaps, a bit nervous. Like most immigrants, you likely went through various processes to apply for and obtain a visa and/or other documents you needed to enter the United States. Whether you're a business owner or a new spouse to an American citizen, you, no doubt, had to secure several documents, such as a passport, visa, green card, etc. before embarking upon your journey.

Knowing which visa is most appropriate to suit your particular situation can be difficult. Also, the visa that brought you here may no longer be valid, or, your circumstances may have changed, thus necessitating a change in your legal status.

Which visa is the right one?

As a foreign national, there may be several visas available to you; determining exactly which one you need may take time and help from someone experienced with the immigration process. Following is a short list of basic types of visas and purposes for which they might be obtained:

  • If you plan on studying in the United States and hope to remain here after you complete your education, you may be able to obtain a student visa.
  • If you met that special someone, who also happened to be a U.S. citizen, and you desire to marry and reside together in the United States, you may qualify for a fiancé visa as long as you and your beloved tie the knot within 90 days of receiving it.
  • As an athlete or a highly skilled artist, you can apply for a visa set aside to accommodate artists and athletes.
  • An R-1 visa allows you to enter the United States as a religious worker.
  • If you've already completed your college education in your country of origin, earning at least a bachelor's degree, you may be able to apply for a specialty occupation visa.

Approximately 55,000 visas, known as DV-1 visas, are available through a special lottery each year. If your country of origin is considered underrepresented in the overall immigration pool, you may be eligible to enter the drawing for one of these visas. You may even hope to permanently reside in the United States, in which case you'd likely want to research the green card process before finalizing your plans.

It's often easier to do so if you reach out for support from an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney who is not only well-versed in U.S. immigration law and the visa process, but who can also help with language barriers and other potential obstacles as well.

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