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June 2017 Archives

Immigration law enforcers arresting immigrants at courthouses

Advocates of sanctuary cities are requesting that the judicial system in New York consider making it illegal for federal immigration agents to make arrests on courthouse property. Alternatively, they would at least like it to be mandatory for immigration law defendants to be alerted when deportation agents are inside a courtroom. According to these advocates, the court system in New York is not doing enough to protect immigrants from detention when they arrive at court to address criminal cases that are separate from their immigration cases.

The important adjustment of status interview

When you decided to apply for your green card, you probably had many questions. Maybe you enlisted the help of a friend or family member who had already gone through the process, or maybe you contacted an attorney to make sure there were no mistakes in your application process.

Current administration focusing on immigration law

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, there was an estimated 40 percent increase in immigration arrests during the current presidential administration's first 100 days. The acting director of ICE said that the higher numbers, which undoubtedly affect immigrants and their families in New York, are due to a White House directive to reverse a 2014 policy that prioritized for arrest particular criminal aliens as well as those who recently crossed the U.S. border. The ICE director claimed that the higher numbers demonstrate the current administration's commitment to enforcing the nation's immigration law.

Immigration law may draw immigrants who benefit economy

In today's society, a debate continues to brew about whether immigration is really beneficial to the United States, including the state of New York. Some U.S. citizens believe that immigrants who seek citizenship according to the immigration law can be beneficial to the economy, whereas others have argued that it offers no benefit. However, new research indicates that many immigrants who entered the United States during the latter part of the 19th century had a long-lasting and positive impact on the local areas in which they settled.

Immigration law judges missing from New York

The federal building in New York -- specifically, in Manhattan -- features the busiest immigration court in the United States. Currently, there is a backlog of a whopping 80,000 cases. The recent deployment of immigration law judges to other parts of the country may unfortunately contribute to even more delays in New York cases.

Groups seek to cover application fee required by immigration law

Immigration remains a controversial issue sparking passionate opinions on both sides throughout the United States, including in New York. However, many immigrants' rights groups are taking steps to help those interested in becoming U.S. citizens according to the current immigration law. A total of 80 groups recently signed on to a proposal made by the New York City comptroller for a private-public fund that would help to cover the high citizenship application fee.

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