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Children Refugee Visas

OBAMA PLANS TO ALLOW CHILDREN FROM HONDURAS, GUATEMALA, AND EL SALVADORTO APPLY FOR REFUGEE VISAS WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.Thousands of children may now be able to apply as refugees within their own countries, in order to avoid the perils of a journey across Mexico to reach the American border. Border control centers set up by the U.S. in their countries will interview these children who have faced rape and gang violence at home and allow their entry in the U.S. to rejoin family members in the U.S. In June 2014 more than 10,000 unaccompanied children presented themselves at the border, creating havoc among immigration officers who had to interview them, and to provide them lodging and caretaking. Interviews in the countries beforehand would provide a more orderly process and avoid the dangers these children have undergone to get here via Mexico. These children could be admitted because they are members of a social group of children who are vulnerable and, who are or have been endangered by rampant crime and violence, and are not protected by the authorities in their countries. The criteria has not yet been set as to what age up to these children be still considered children and what requirement must be met for these children to qualify as refugees. By this salutary reform, children could be granted refugee status enabling them to avoid death threating circumstances due to drug trafficking, gangs that appear now to be spread out all over Central America and allow our consular or immigration offices in these countries to conduct an orderly process to review each case.
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