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Immigration Status

The dictionary defines the word “orphan” as “a child whose father and mother are both dead.” Now there is a new kind of orphan.Orphan KidThese “orphans” are children whose parents—both father and mother—are very much alive, but have been deported from the United States because of their illegal status.You would think that illegal immigrants already have enough to worry about: Right from the moment he or she decides to try to enter the U. S. up to all the concerns and fears they have if they do succeed in getting and staying here.Mexicans, of course, have the treacherous challenge of crossing the southern American border with all its high tech surveillance devices and aggressive border agents. But just think of the Central Americans—Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, etc.—who face the additional challenge of crossing Mexico’s southern border, a passage that can be equally as dangerous, even if the border guards there can be more irregular and inconstant in enforcing Mexico’s regulations against illegals.Once here the perils of life in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant can be almost too numerous to mention, and can be the subject of later pieces.For now the problem of what to do about the new ‘orphans’ (children of deportees) needs to be addressed. From newborns to teens these ‘orphans’ are presenting governments, social services, and non-profits with a whole set of new problems. Foster care, health services, orphanages, child protective services and educators are all feeling the impact of their new class of “orphans.”Exact numbers are hard to come by. However, Homeland Security estimates there are about 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. today. Of these the number in the age range from 0-18 years could be about 12% or 1.3 million.Just imagine the situation of a six-month old child whose parents are put in detention or are actually deported. What the chances of this family being reunited? You can bet that they are pretty slim. Who is going to feed and clothe and watch out for the healthy development of such a child?Foster care or orphanages are the only alternatives that are likely. Once source reports that the U.S. spends $22 billion annually on children in foster care, averaging about $40,000 per child. Child protective services by law cannot even place children whose parents are undocumented.Not only the helpless infant, but also the school age orphan is at a tremendous disadvantage in his or her educational development.California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois face the brunt of these problems with over half of the immigrant population.More on these matters later.

Student Visa Extension

Many people from all over the world dream of coming to the United States to obtain a degree. While most of those people are simply looking for a BA to better themselves and gain employment opportunities, others are seeking advanced degrees that they may not be able to easily obtain closer to home.

Illegal Immigration Pros And Cons

Illegal immigration has been a hot-button issue for decades in the United States, and it seems that discussions and tempers flare in election years. While there are a lot of issues to be considered when it comes to immigration in the United States, tough economic times have shifted the focus of the discussion toward the economy.

Uscis Green Card Lottery

The idea of the American dream may have changed since historian James Truslow Adams popularized the term in his 1931 book “Epic of America.” However, for many people, the American dream has, and always will, involve owning and running their own business.

New York City Immigration Records

New York City

New York City is one of the oldest parts of the United States, and its history in regards to immigration is unrivaled by any other. Without question, more immigrants came to the United States through New York Harbor and Ellis Island into New York City than any other.

Undocumented Immigrant


The United States is known around the world for the freedom that it offers its citizens. In the past and today, many people have fled countries with oppressive governments in an attempt to build a better life in the United States.

Undocumented Immigrant

City skylineHow many undocumented immigrants there are in the United States is difficult to determine since numbers aren’t reported in census reports. Estimates range from about 15 million on the low side, to approximately 30 million.In big cities like Los Angeles and New York, as well as border towns in states like Texas, the undocumented population is believed to be quite high. These cities have very large economies, and many undocumented immigrants settle there because they can find work.While immigration is a touchy subject for some people, two coastal cities, Los Angeles and New York, have implemented programs that allow undocumented immigrants to better become part of the culture and assimilate with natural born citizens and legal residents. Other states and cities are starting to follow in their footsteps as well.Los AngelesLos Angeles has always had a large population of undocumented immigrants – considerably larger than most other cities in the country. While exact numbers can’t be calculated, it is believed that more than three million undocumented illegal immigrants call the city of Los Angeles home.Driver’s License Program for Undocumented Immigrants in Los AngelesTraffic in L.A.In late 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that allows hundreds of thousands of undocumented citizens to obtain a valid legal driver’s license. Though the plan may seem controversial to some, there are restrictions that limit who can obtain a driver’s license in Los Angeles.According to the new law, undocumented immigrants who came to the United States before their 16th birthday, and who are now 30 years of age or younger, will be able to apply for a driver’s license just like everybody else in the state without fear of deportation or legal repercussions.Individuals applying for a driver’s license in Los Angeles also need to have a high school diploma or GED. Applicants need to be free of felonies and have a clean police record as well, though some people who have been found guilty of committing petty crimes will still be able to apply for a driver’s license.Undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles applying for a driver’s license will also have to qualify with ICE and the Department of Homeland Security before they are able to apply for a driver’s license.Many undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles are thankful that this bill was turned into law. Los Angeles and surrounding areas have long been known for being difficult to navigate without a car, making regular employment difficult for some undocumented immigrants.Still, not everybody is happy that undocumented immigrants will be allowed to legally drive and work in Los Angeles if they qualify. Opponents have even called for the law to be struck down. However, in a state with a liberal history like California’s, that doesn’t seem likely to happen.New YorkHistorically, New York is the place many people think of when they think of immigrants coming to the United States, though Ellis Island is actually in New Jersey. In fact, more than one million people came to the United States through New York Harbor and Ellis Island in 1907 alone. Today, New York still has one of the largest immigrant populations in the entire United States.Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in New Yorkstatue of liberty

New York officials have made public statements urging undocumented immigrants to come forward and seek quality medical care when they need it.

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