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Obama On Immigration

Republicans sustained a catastrophic blow from the election results. Now they have decided to support immigration reform. Having opposed any law to favor the undocumented, the Republican candidate, Romney, after he opposed the Dream Act decided that he would support it. Unfortunately for the Republicans it was too little too late. The Latino community didn’t trust the conservatives anymore and they gave the President the preponderance of their vote. This tipped the election in eleven undecided States over to Barack Obama that resulted in his reelection.

Immigration Reform Support

Indocumentados y la inmigracionJohn Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives, changed his tune as well. Before he was against any immigration reform; now he’s in favor of it. The Republican Party is so upset at the loss of the majority of the Latino vote, the black, women and the young that today the Republicans fear slipping into the status of a permanent minority party. The President won 72% of the Latino vote, only 28% voted for Romney. The Republican conservatives have figured out that they can’t win a national plebiscite without Latinos, women, blacks and the young. The result is that immigration reform will be front and center for Democrats as well as Republicans.

Democratic Immigration Reform

Immigration ReformWhen the President announced his victory after the election, he promised in the coming weeks and months to fix the broken immigration system. The problem of 11 million illegal aliens is the elephant in the room. Latino organizations, businesses and agricultural groups will all hold the President and the Republicans’ feet to the fire to reframe the immigration dilemma by an amnesty. In the polls 65% of all voters favor legal states now for the undocumented; only 28% said they should be deported.Click Here to schedule a private consultation to speak with one of our Immigration Attorneys.
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