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April 2012 Archives

What a New York City Immigration Attorney Has Mastered

Immigration law is quite complicated and it takes a very educated and experienced New York City immigration attorney to handle many of the case types that they may be presented with. If you curious what types of cases an immigration attorney may be able to represent, continue reading below.

New York City Immigration Lawyer: Prepare Yourself for Naturalization

Naturalization is one of the chosen processes in which a person must apply and go throughthe government process in order to become a US citizen. If this is the process that you think you would like touse to become a citizen, then you may want to consult with your New York Cityimmigration lawyer about what will be expected of you. Below are just a fewof the things that you can look forward to as you go through the naturalizationprocess.Initially, you will need to be sure that you meet all the requirements before youeven begin the naturalization process. By hiring a New York City immigrationlawyer, you can make this process easier for you. They will see if you meet therequirements and then they will prepare you for the test that you will need to take.Here are some things found on the test:• You will be expected to read out loud.•You will need to be able to write some English.•You will be asked questions that involve the United States and its history.An interview will also be a requirement of the naturalization process. However,your New York City immigration lawyer will help you prepare for all of theabove factors that take part in naturalization.

Syria's Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Syrian nationals may now obtain TPS (Temporary Protected Status) due to the unremitting violence practiced by the Syrian Government against its own citizens who have been congregating for a change of government. The Secretary of Homeland Security granted in March 2012 the right of TPS to nationals of Syria in the U.S. These Syrians need to show they have been in the U.S. since March 29, 2012. Registration ends on September 25, 2012. It will remain in effect until September 25, 2013. The grant of TPS allows Syrians the right to remain here and receive permission to work within the allowed period. Security checks will be reviewed for each immigration applicant.

New York City Immigration Attorney: Why Immigration Matters Take So Long

Immigration matters can take a long time to resolve. Unfortunately, this is eventrue with a New York City immigration attorney by your side to guide you.Although they can cut the time the process takes down by a lot, immigrationmatters are a process that just isn’t quick enough for some peoples liking.To become a citizen of the U.S. or even just to visit, there are many requirementsthat need to be addressed. Some of these requirements include having a cleancriminal record or having a job ready for you when you get to the U.S. Your NewYork City immigration attorney will make sure that all of the requirements aremet seeing as they are aware of all the criteria of visas, green cards or even thenaturalization process.When you are finally sure that you meet all of the requirements, you will need tobegin filing for whatever it is that you need to get into the U.S. Your New YorkCity immigration attorney will also be able to help you with this. They will helpyou with the paperwork after they help you to determine the best way for you toget in to the U.S. This too can take some time to get straightened out and filed.

New York City Immigration Attorney: Helping Your Children to Become Citizens

When a person wants to become a U.S. citizen, they have to go through a process. This process can be quite time consuming and difficult. However, when it is a child or children that need to get into the U.S. this process is a little easier for them, especially if the parents already reside in the U.S. If you have children that you would like to reside with you in the states, contact a New York City immigration attorney for guidance.

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