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March 2012 Archives

What an Immigration Attorney in New York City Can Tell You about the Naturalization Process

An immigration attorney in New York City is very familiar with the American Citizenship and naturalization process. They can inform you of all the ins and outs of the process before you decide to go through with it.The process of naturalization is a lengthy process. You will also need to meet certain requirements to even go through with naturalization. This is where an immigration attorney in New York City can help you. They will make sure that you meet the criteria and guide you through anything else that comes with naturalization such as paperwork and testing. There is also an interview that is required.As you can see, the naturalization process is very detailed. The testing requires you to be knowledgeable in several different aspects of U.S. history and language and the interview is to see how well you can speak the language. This is why an immigration attorney in New York City will help you to prepare for such testing and interviewing so that you can go through the process smoothly.Don’t try to go through the naturalization process alone. Hire a New York immigration attorney and you will be in good hands.

4 Popular Athlete Visas by New York Immigration Attorney

athlete with flagAs with any visa, it can be rather difficult in trying to obtain an athlete’s visa. It’s always best to have an immigration attorney in New York City to help you with the process just so that everything goes through smoothly. There are various types of athlete visas. They range from the most extraordinary talent to the amateur athlete. These visas are:1- O-1 - for the professional athlete2- P-1 – for the widely recognized athlete such as a NBA player3- H-2B – this visa is typically for the athlete who cannot obtain a O-1 or P-1 visa. They are usually minor league players and can only be issued the visa for the length of a season.4- B-1/B-2 – these are standard visitor visas. If an athlete is unpaid or plays athletics for prize money, they will have to settle for a visitor’s visa.As you can see, trying to figure out which visa you will need, can be rather difficult and it may be best that you have an immigration attorney in New York City to help you. They will guide you to the right visa and help you to get one.If you need an athlete’s visa, talk to an immigration in New York City to get started.

New York City Immigration Attorney: What Fees are Associated with Immigration?

As with any lawful matter that you may have to deal with in your lifetime, immigration matters will have fees that you will need to pay. However, sometimes immigration matters can be very costly and confusing when it comes to trying to keep all of it straight. This is another instance where a New York City immigration attorney can guide you.The fess associated with immigration matters vary quite a bit. You will have fees for medical exams, immigration forms, attorney fees, and more. You can spend thousands of dollars just trying to move to another country and even more if you are trying to move a family.Your New York City immigration attorney will make sure that you are aware of every fee and cost that you will be expected to pay. Some may even allow you to make payment arrangements after they sum up all of the costs for you.There are so many different elements to immigration that your fees will greatly depend on what it is you are trying to accomplish. Having a New York City immigration attorney help you with everything will prove to be much more beneficial than trying to do it on your own. They will keep all costs and fees calculated and organized for you.

How a New York City Immigration Attorney Can Help You with Becoming a Permanent Worker

immigrant worker behind flagWhen it comes to immigration matters, everything happens to be a timely process. This is also true for those that would like to become a permanent worker in the U.S. This is why hiring a New York immigration attorney to guide you through the process can be quite beneficial.The process of becoming a permanent worker in the U.S. is something you will want to be knowledgeable of before deciding to go through with the paperwork and overall process. Your New York immigration attorney can help explain the ins and outs of the process to you so that you are better prepared.Typically, when a person wants permanent employment in the U.S., they will need to have been offered a job already. You may also need certification provided to you by the place that had offered the job so that it is proven that the job is available and they are capable of hiring you. Many of the people that are able to obtain permanent employment in the U.S. have a special skill set such as engineering. If you would like to know more about becoming a permanent worker in the U.S., contact a New York immigration attorney.

New York City Immigration Attorney: Obtaining a Green Card through Marriage

One of the easier ways to obtain a green card is through a marriage to a U.S. citizen. However, if your marriage is only occurring for the fact that will be easier to get a green card, then you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. It is best to have a New York City immigration attorney guiding you through your quest to obtain a green card through marriage.There are still requirements that need to be met even if you are married to a U.S. citizen. Your New York City immigration attorney will help make sure that you meet these requirements. They will also help you with the forms and make sure that you understand what it is that you are filling out.Having a New York City immigration attorney to guide you through this process, will make it go much smoother and timely than if you were to try and obtain a green card on your own. Obtaining a visa, a green card or any other type of means to gain citizenship can be a lengthy process. It can also bring up complications you didn’t expect. This is why hiring an attorney will be in your best interest.
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