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February 2012 Archives

5 Important Facts to Know about Immigration for Children

Moving your child to the US to be with you is much easier than trying to move anyone else to the US. However, even though it is easier, you will still want the help of a New York City immigration attorney so that you can be sure that nothing goes wrong.There are requirements to moving your child to the US that you must meet before you can begin the process. Your New York City immigration attorney will be able to inform you of them, but if you are curious, here are a few of them:1- The child must be under 18 years old.2- As the parent, you must have lived in the US for at least 5 consecutive years.3- The child cannot be married.4- You must be the custodial parent of the child.5- You will need to be sure that all forms are filled out correctly. Your New York City immigration attorney can help you be sure.Having an attorney guide you through the process of getting your child to the US will make the whole situation smoother. They will be sure that the requirements are met and that you know what needs to happen.

Have an Immigration Attorney from New York City Help You Get Your Student Visa

Many students every year are chosen to travel to another country to continue their studies there for a period of time. This is usually a luxury given to students studying a particular subject or that are doing exceptionally well in school. No matter the reason, you will need to obtain a student visa and an immigration attorney from New York City can help you with this.As with any type of visa, a student visa has requirements. Some of those requirements are having sufficient funds to make the move and having a place to stay wherever it is that you are going to study. Of course, there are many more requirements too, but your immigration attorney from New York City can help you make sure that you meet them all. Obtaining a student visa will also require permission from your parents should you be under age. It also requires filing for the visa and filling out paperwork. By hiring an immigration attorney from New York City, the overall process will be much smoother. Don’t let the act of obtaining your student visa get you discouraged and stressed, hire an attorney.

Foreign Legal Consultant

Represent clients in legal proceedings. Specialize in representing Latin American nationals with international issues. Research and analyze decisions of Latin American courts that impact on Latin American nationals currently residing in the United States. Interpret Latin American laws, ruling and regulations. Evaluate Latin American documents and orders to assess their validity and enforceability in the United States. Evaluate United States documents for their legal impact in Latin American countries, including but not limited to tax property, estate and family law, and recognition and effectuation of enforceability by Latin American courts of US legal documents. Serve as Latin American consultant on probate proceedings and real estate transactions by assisting clients in acquisition of real property in Latin American countries. Advise Latin American citizens permanently relocating on legal issues involving property transfers and duties and customs.Work on commercial and tax matters for Latin American clients, including interpretation of foreign and US tax laws to avoid double taxation. Inform clients about opportunities of foreign business operations in Latin America and assist them in obtaining required permissions and licenses for economic activities and registration of foreign entities in Latin American countries. Research conflicts of laws which require knowledge of both Latin American laws and US regulations. 40 hrs./week.Requirements: JD or Master Degree in Law, Attorney’s license to practice law in NY States and 6 months of experience in Latin American tax, property, estate and family laws. Mail resume to Oltarsh & Associates, P.C., 494 Eighth Avenue, Ste. 1704, New York, NY 10001.
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