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Predawn raids by Immigration officers armed with pistols and shotguns have focused on private homes in New Jersey and Long Island recently, violating Immigration’s own rules and the U.S. constitution. These raids originally planned to arrest serious criminals and terrorists have instead principally leaned on undocumented aliens, in a manner suggesting racial profiling. Of arrests, 87% have turned out to be Latinos in New Jersey and 94% in Long Island.These are widespread raids executed without knowledge of the informer’s reliability. These are unreasonable searches and seizures and hence unconstitutional. Arrests of undocumented aliens have markedly increased throughout the U.S. since the Bush Administration inaugurated this program in 2006. The new Administration has not changed this practice, notwithstanding its promise to reform the law. Defenses for unlawful arrests without reasonable cause or suspicion exist but unfortunately few immigrants have the financial resources to fight for their rights.


It has been widely reported that the current administration has not only continued but expanded the program to identify noncitizens held in local jails. This includes those individuals picked up on minor charges, even traffic infractions. Even if bailed out of criminal court, the Immigration Service is placing a hold on them and often sending such individuals to detention centers around the country.This policy continues and expands the enforcement only strategy against noncitizens without any relief for undocumented members of the community that have created long-term ties to the United States.Obama has promised change we can believe in. What change is this to continue the same and misguided policies of the last administration? We must let Obama know that we demand a change in the harsh enforcement only rules that have predominated for the last decade that do not allow for regularization of our friends and family members. For too long the anti-immigration/nativists have controlled the debate. It is time to have our voices heard as well! Please contact the White House and your representative to let them know that enforcement only is detrimental to our communities and that we must have a fair and humane immigration policy (immigration reform) NOW! The White House contact information is:Phone (202) 456-1111e-mail: The White House1600 Pennsylvania AvenueWashington, D.C. 20500The US Capital Switchboard is: (202) 224-3121


Illegal immigrants who are injured at work may be awarded compensation for their accidents in spite of their illegal status. Their legal status is irrelevant to their right to be compensated. For example, at construction sites steel workers, plumbers, and roofers or any other workers who are injured have the same right as other employees. Undocumented laborers have the right to fight against abusive labor practices and intimidation.
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