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Individual migrants from abroad working in the U.S. have invented one-fourth of the patent applications in the U.S. in the past years. A recent respected Foundation Report shows immigrants in this period creating 25% of all technology companies in the U.S. These companies now employ over 450,000 workers here.A leading academic from Harvard University has found that high skilled immigrants have increased the overall income of Americans. An eminent Yale professor has recommended a better “skilled sensitive” system for permanent migrants and that the current restrictive limitations on H-1B visas for skilled temporary workers makes no sense for our economy. These foreign workers significantly contribute to efficient production and growth. Careful analytic research has demonstrated that the U.S. can productively employ many moreH-1B’s than are currently admitted. Doubling or even tripling the number of skilled foreign workers will not impair the job future of Americans as has been demonstrated by numerous public policy institutional surveys and university studies.Objections have been made questioning why Americans cannot fill these job slots. Another objection has been raised that this brain drain in favor of the U.S. hurts the economy of foreign nations. The last objection is that immigrants may be a national security threat.In answer to the first objection, the creative advantage of immigration is that the immigrants have different perspectives from ourselves. Since immigrants come froma different world, they make different observations and connections than we can. Ideas are expanded by these aliens’ presence here; not that they are superior to Americans, but that their differences add to the marketplace of ideas. Immigrant foreigners have had access to different backgrounds from us and their differences create an interchange with us that works for a creative mix. In other words, we are basically importing valuable exotic insights. In short we cannot duplicate this creative force by merely educating more Americans. Educating Americans more is of course valuable. But the immigrants who see things differently from us, advances our culture and economy in inimitable ways.As for the brain drain in favor of the U.S., recent research has shown that the migration of skilled workers from foreign countries actually helps these countries. Economic globalization based on advanced communication technology allows migrants to the U.S. to more easily communicate with their former colleagues back home, sending ideas, trends, and advance new opportunities and allows two ways of communication with more depth and immediacy. The Internet has thus created a global message center and migrants are able freely and inexpensively with their friends from home to talk to each other, thereby immensely aiding the interchange of information with their homelands.Regarding national security, foreign immigrant workers bring the benefit to us of their languages and culture that benefit our security. These foreign workers have a more positive view of America to convey to their countrymen. A threat to our security often arises from impoverished nations who know little about us. When skilled nationals of these countries come to the U.S., they can by communicating with their peers abroad by suggesting ways to improve their development in their countries and so win us friends all over the world.
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