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Governor Spitzer of New York had offered driver’s licenses to qualified but undocumented aliens to begin on December 1, 2007. This plan would have made the State aware of all drivers in New York. The roads would be safer and drivers would have had to identify themselves for liability insurance. Regrettably, Governor Spitzer receded from this plan under harsh criticism from Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Secretary. Governor Spitzer revised the plan into a 3 tiered licensing program giving the lowest on the tier to undocumented aliens. The three tiers are:
  1. The first one will meet new federal security standards, available only to citizens and legal immigrants;
  2. Available to those who want to go to Canada< without using a passport;
  3. Offered to all New York State residents, including the undocumented.This program would be unwieldy, unworkable and offensive to the immigrant population because this third tier of license is specifically gauged for undocumented aliens and since only illegals would fit into this tier, it is doubtful if any undocumented alien would apply. If you need help or advise, call us at 212-944-9420.
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