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Illegal Immigrants In The US

In March 2013 a Federal Judge ordered and approved a settlement by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) to cease and desist in raids that ICE has continuously conducted since 2006 until now. During this period ICE would go to suspected illegal’s door early in the morning and even at night, demanding entry, even drawing guns on mere suspicion that the apartment or house was concealing illegal alien. ICE in almost all of these instances proceeded to enter without permission and without a Judge’s order and without identifying themselves. These raids are contrary to our Constitution which entitles people to feel secure in their own homes and prohibiting entry without due process by the police or Immigration Service with out displaying a warrant from a Judge.

These impermissible raids that have shamelessly continued over the past 6 years have been halted as a result of many lawsuits brought against ICE. A Federal Judge forced a settlement last week establishing adherence to the Fourth Amendment of our Constitution that bars unreasonable searches and seizures and arrests. For a warrant to enter, ICE agents will have to establish to a Federal Judge that ICE has reasonable suspicion of danger. If ICE has had no such warrant it must obtain consent from the occupants in a language that the occupants comprehend. ICE also must obtain consent to enter yards and/or private areas adjoining homes. For the offenses perpetrated by ICE the Judge exacted a penalty from ICE, namely $36.00 in damages to each of the plaintiffs whose premises were entered, in the aggregate a sum of over a million dollars. These offenses occurred in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and other States.

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