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Oltarsh & Associates, P.C. is a professional corporation, principally dealing with immigration and nationality issues, and international business law. Principals of the firm have been engaged in this practice for over 45 years. The areas of our competence include the legal transfer of key employees for international corporations and foundations. Applications for non-immigrant specialty employees and applications for permanent residence related to work or close familial ties to U.S. citizens or permanent residents are an important aspect of our practice, and we represent several foreign consulates and take care of all of the business of their nationals who may face legal problems in the U.S.

Our office is located at 494 Eight avenue, New York, NY. at the corner of 35th Street and Eight avenue. Aside from our dedication to rapidly turning around employers applications for foreign key employees, our goal is to carefully attend and listen to the needs of our individual and corporate clients and to try to resolve without delay legal problems confronted in a manner as simple and direct as possible and to maintain costs at a limited budget.

Aside from pursuing matters at the Immigration Service, we also take cases to the Administrative Appeals level or to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and also to the U.S. District Courts and to the U.S. Courts of Appeal, if necessary.

Oltarsh & Associates office is only a phone call away. A principal of the firm is always available for consultation. We speak and write in a number of languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian, and we have recourse to translators in all other languages. We have a history of helping people and this is our number one priority.

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After decades of experience, we are fully aware of ...

Work Visas

Immediate relatives(IR) include children, spouses ...


We have successfully applied for persons who have...


Two classes of visas are processed by U.S. Consulates...


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