Work Visas For Intra-Company Transferees

International businesses looking to transfer managers, executives and other specialized workers to the U.S. for a temporary period to continue working for the same employer, its branch, subsidiary or affiliate can transfer such employees with an L Visa. These visas also allow a total of 7 years for executives and managers and 5 years for employees with specialized knowledge who are working for a company that has been doing business greater than one year may be entitle to residence. Individuals who obtain L visas are typically known as "intra-company transferees."

The L-1 visa can be for large multinational companies as well as smaller startups and other businesses who wish to expand into the U.S. Also, spouses of L-1 visa holders can work in the U.S. if they submit an application to the USCIS and obtain an employment authorization document.

For those who are coming to the U.S. to engage in short-term temporary work such as attending meetings, supervising training for a short time or attending a conference, a B visa may be the better match.

To qualify for an L visa the employer must:

  • Have a qualifying relationship
  • Be currently in business

The employer must have:

  • Worked for a qualifying company for one continuous year within the three years preceding the application and seek to enter the United States for an executive or managerial position that requires this specific kind of knowledge

E Visa – Treaty Trader or Investors Visa

For treaty investors there must be a significant investment and the investment must be in the stream of commerce before the visa is granted.

Another manner for business to bring employees to the US is an E visa Category.

Treaty Trader (E1) and Treaty Investor (E2) are viable for citizens of countries with agreements of commerce and navigation.

They must come to:

  • Engage substantial trade with the United States and the Treaty country or
  • Develop and direct operations of an enterprise in which the treaty investor invested a substantial amount of capital

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